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What you should know about supplements

How can you find quality vitamins and supplements?

Serenity Health Care Center’s team carefully reviews literature and research products before recommending the best quality products.

Meanwhile, we want to share important information so that you too are informed about what you are putting into your body.

Raw materials determine the effectiveness.

Raw material quality control is the key to an excellent nutritional supplement.

There are only a few manufacturers that provide raw materials to supplement companies. It all starts with how and where the natural ingredients are grown. Raw materials developed in a toxic environment will produce a contaminated product. This is why Serenity Health Care Center does not recommend Chinese herbs or ingredients from China.

The freshest active raw materials are best immediately after harvesting for a superior product.

Transporting and storing the materials in a temperature-controlled environment is pertinent to ensure the longevity of the items. Once the finished products reach the warehouse, rotation and inventory control are crucial to maintaining fresh supplements. This is the same care you would want to see with your food.

Just like food and drugs, vitamins age until they have lost their full potency.

Many people take vitamins all their life and wonder why they have medical problems. Medical issues can be magnified by improperly made, irresponsible storage, or poor-quality raw ingredients. Unfortunately, some companies often prefer profits instead of your health and excellent products.

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) ensures quality

The USP assures the consumer and those involved in manufacturing and processing that the quality and purity of the raw materials utilized are pharmaceutical grade.

Consequently, the USP has a certain standard of excellence sold only through physicians and selected pharmacies.

Do Pharmaceutical Grade supplements matter?

It IS essential that when purchasing a supplement that it meets specific standards.

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal.

There are three different grades of raw materials used in products:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade – meets pharmaceutical standards
  • Food Grade – meets standards set for human consumption
  • Feed Grade – meets standards set for animal consumption

The difference is in quality and purity. No substance is 100% pure. Vitamins and supplements always have added substances. This is where the difference between the grades comes in. Every supplement varies in the purity of the product, raw ingredient, and fillers.

A pharmaceutical-grade vitamin or supplement must exceed 99% purity with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances.

What does the Supplement Facts Label really say?

The “Supplemental Facts” label does not always tell the facts! In most cases, it doesn’t even come close.

For example, the label does not always disclose the correct STRENGTH; sometimes, they use a leaf instead of a root, which can cause more harm or no results to assist the medical condition.

The bottom line

If the product is not manufactured correctly, it may not work or, even worse, could cause side effects.

If you’re not sure what you are buying, ask us. Experienced practitioners will evaluate a product before recommending it to you.

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