Your alternative to living with troubling or even debilitating symptoms

Alternative medicine in WiTreating the whole body with alternative, functional medicine in Waukesha

Your body’s systems work together in beautiful symmetry, but when environmental, genetic or medical issues disrupt that harmony, you need a physician that sees the big picture.

Our experienced clinical care team invests in your long-term health and wellness with tools and testing that go beyond checking off a list of common symptoms and assigning standard treatments. Settling for numbers that fall within a “normal” range does the patient a disservice. You deserve to know what’s causing your discomfort, disorder or disease.

We practice functional medicine in Waukesha to optimize health.

As self-proclaimed medical detectives, the core of our medical philosophy is to identify complex causes to restore quality of life for men, women and children. Many patients see as many as 100 doctors before they arrive at our alternative medicine practice. They are looking for someone to listen and discern what is happening to their bodies.

Our Lyme Literate Practitioners go beyond a standard antibiotic course of treatment to offer Personalized Bio Terrain Therapy paired with herbal remedies.

With autism, we focus on underlying causes, from allergies to mitochondrial dysfunction. Unfortunately, many people accept an unexplained diagnosis, endure debilitating symptoms or ignore an underlying cause because no one has taken the time to ask why? Our goal is to educate people on the alternatives to living with chronic illness. We have earned a reputation as a pioneer in treating autism, Lyme disease and endometriosis with functional medicine in Waukesha. Our internists and naturopathic doctor also expertly treat allergies, adrenal disorders, ADD/ADHD, male and female hormone disorders, osteoporosis and immune, infectious, gastrointestinal and systemic problems.

Growing Tree


I feel that; my health; longevity; short and long term vitality; weight; quality of sleep; quality of life; overall measurable blood tests and other health markers ; have been positively impacted and enhanced by the care, expertise, and professionalism of Dr. Deb Muth and her team. I am DEEPLY grateful. I had forgotten that it's been a journey to get here: adrenal support; thyroid balancing; hormone therapy; lifestyle changes. GRATEFUL GRATEFUL GRATEFUL!!!!! I have been 100% satisfied with Dr. Muth's care and professionalism.

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