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We are persistent. We find solutions for complex medical conditions using a combination of alternative and conventional medical modalities. 

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Managing complex health conditions with Functional Medicine

Chronic Illness: Treating chronic conditions

We understand your frustration and despair. However, the best remedy right now is a practitioner with knowledge and experience.

We will uncover the underlying cause of your illness so that your symptoms cease, and you can enjoy renewed vitality.

Weight management & Nutrition

a slim young woman having a line surrounding her body that shows where fat will transform her body
Alleviate your body from undue stress to avoid greater health complications in the future.

Our medically supervised weight loss program adjusts your metabolism, eliminates hunger, lifts your spirits and even lowers inflammation in your body.

We have advanced nutritional planning systems too. You will see rapid results to keep you motivated.

Allergy diagnosis and treatment

a young woman about to sneeze due to pollen in the air
You suffer from congestion, headaches, and skin conditions daily and need relief. But did you know that untreated allergies can cause even more severe problems over time?

Let’s take the necessary steps now to improve your overall quality of life.

Men & Women’s Health

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As experts in hormone balancing, erectile dysfunction and anti-aging we take a holistic approach to getting you on track. Feel the pizazz for life that you deserve.

Depending on your challenge, we have the perfect practitioner for you. Contact our reception for guidance.

A holistic approach to Pediatric health

a girl colouring while her dad supervises her doing her homework
The manifestation of physical, mental and emotional factors in children demands our utmost responsibility and attention by our experienced staff.

You can count on our understanding and patience to support the entire family when facing a pediatric health crisis.v


The causes can be numerous: environmental toxins, injury, depression, hormones, infection, diet, and/or genetics cause neurodegenerative disease.

Our lab tests, compassion, and integrative approach to treatment garner encouraging results.

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Treatments

Maintaining healthy cells is essential to anti-aging and preventing disease caused by genetics. Serenity Health Care Center will address the results of your detailed lab tests and medical history with a custom combination of treatments.


Achieve pain relief and increased mobility by attacking the main culprit - inflammation.

Brain Health

Cognitive decline needs to be monitored annually. Many memory issues can be reversed.

We investigate your chronic illness case carefully based on data, then create your personalized holistic healing plan

The practitioners at our center are not only good at communicating with you - we are good at communicating with each other.

Our specialists are keenly aware of each of our team members' expertise. This means we pull in the right combination of healing resources needed for your particular case.

Our certified professionals provide natural health services for men, women and children.
Preventative care is a top priority for us to maintain your well-being.
We listen attentively to your concerns and consider your unique physical, emotional, social and mental constitution.
We find solutions for complex conditions using both alternative and conventional medical practices.
According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 

Our integrated medicine center near Milwaukee supports this definition of general health by providing a unique type of care that combines conventional and complementary medicine to treat the whole person.
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