Dr. King and Ms. Dunbar,

“I’m sorry this is so long, but I really am happy!!  Today was officially the last day of Elijah’s Bio-Terrain Therapy. When he started this therapy, his Lyme was chronic. He had joint and muscle pain that was severe and kept him home bound for the most part. He was like an old man. He couldn’t write or draw. School was impossible as he had bad brain fog. He was crabby and angry most of the time. Migraines happened way too often. After just a few of the treatments, he was joking and teasing people. He even had Abigail play video games with him for the first time in a long time. And they were laughing together!

Today he was asked how did the treatment help him and he said that he had much less pain, more energy and has only had one migraine since the treatment started. I know that he is much happier and so much more active. He has such a better attitude as well.

Bio-Terrain Patient

I feel that; my health; longevity; short and long term vitality; weight; quality of sleep; quality of life; overall measurable blood tests and other health markers ; have been positively impacted and enhanced by the care, expertise, and professionalism of Dr. Deb Muth and her team. I am DEEPLY grateful. I had forgotten that it’s been a journey to get here: adrenal support; thyroid balancing; hormone therapy; lifestyle changes. GRATEFUL GRATEFUL GRATEFUL!!!!! I have been 100% satisfied with Dr. Muth’s care and professionalism.


I enjoy Dr. Muth’s approach to health and wellness, to not jump right to medication before trying other options/supplements, etc. I enjoy talking with her, finding out information about alternative methods. I find that very interesting. She cares. I also met with someone (I forget who) regarding a meal plan, based on my blood test. All very interesting and helpful!


I appreciate the genuine concern and care I feel from the practitioners. I appreciate that they think “outside the box.”


This is the first place I have been that actually looked for a root cause and looked to make me the healthiest person I can be.


After going to five MDs of different specialties to try to find out why I had lost my sense of smell and taste, I found Dr. Konetzki through someone I knew. Within one month, I had back my sense of smell and taste. Amazing!


I appreciate Dr. K’s wisdom, time, and attention.


Dr. Muth provided my care. I thought she was patient and attentive to all concerns and has been key to my recovery.


It is such a blessing to have a wonderful alternative health physician in our area thanks to Dr. Muth. She was more helpful to me in regard to understanding and treating my fibromyalgia than four other doctors I had been seem by, including a rheumatologist.


Dr. Muth and Sonja Hinz provide excellent care. My personal style is wishing for a little further explanation of their plan to me, but I can’t complain, the proof is in the pudding – I am doing better!! They have the knowledge and the caring and that’s what counts. I don’t have experience with anyone else except the staff – the lady in the lab is very nice and does her job efficiently, the ladies at the desk have gotten better and better, more calls are returned promptly


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