Bio-Terrain Patient

Dr. King and Ms. Dunbar,

“I'm sorry this is so long, but I really am happy!!  Today was officially the last day of Elijah's Bio-Terrain Therapy. When he started this therapy, his Lyme was chronic. He had joint and muscle pain that was severe and kept him home bound for the most part. He was like an old man. He couldn't write or draw. School was impossible as he had bad brain fog. He was crabby and angry most of the time. Migraines happened way too often. After just a few of the treatments, he was joking and teasing people. He even had Abigail play video games with him for the first time in a long time. And they were laughing together!

Today he was asked how did the treatment help him and he said that he had much less pain, more energy and has only had one migraine since the treatment started. I know that he is much happier and so much more active. He has such a better attitude as well.


I feel that; my health; longevity; short and long term vitality; weight; quality of sleep; quality of life; overall measurable blood tests and other health markers ; have been positively impacted and enhanced by the care, expertise, and professionalism of Dr. Deb Muth and her team. I am DEEPLY grateful. I had forgotten that it's been a journey to get here: adrenal support; thyroid balancing; hormone therapy; lifestyle changes. GRATEFUL GRATEFUL GRATEFUL!!!!! I have been 100% satisfied with Dr. Muth's care and professionalism.


I enjoy Dr. Muth's approach to health and wellness, to not jump right to medication before trying other options/supplements, etc. I enjoy talking with her, finding out information about alternative methods. I find that very interesting. She cares. I also met with someone (I forget who) regarding a meal plan, based on my blood test. All very interesting and helpful!


I appreciate the genuine concern and care I feel from the practitioners. I appreciate that they think "outside the box."


This is the first place I have been that actually looked for a root cause and looked to make me the healthiest person I can be.


After going to five MDs of different specialties to try to find out why I had lost my sense of smell and taste, I found Dr. Konetzki through someone I knew. Within one month, I had back my sense of smell and taste. Amazing!


I appreciate Dr. K's wisdom, time, and attention.


Dr. Muth provided my care. I thought she was patient and attentive to all concerns and has been key to my recovery.


It is such a blessing to have a wonderful alternative health physician in our area thanks to Dr. Muth. She was more helpful to me in regard to understanding and treating my fibromyalgia than four other doctors I had been seen by, including a rheumatologist.


Dr. Muth and Sonja Hinz provide excellent care. My personal style is wishing for a little further explanation of their plan to me, but I can't complain, the proof is in the pudding - I am doing better!! They have the knowledge and the caring and that's what counts. I don't have experience with anyone else except the staff - the lady in the lab is very nice and does her job efficiently, the ladies at the desk have gotten better and better, more calls are returned promptly


My physical needs were met and Dr. Muth, besides being very knowledgeable, has a great, caring bedside manner. I never have to wait for very long to be seen after I arrive.


Love Dr. Brown. He takes his time to answer all my many questions. He is very smart and knows his stuff. I feel like I am in good hands with him.


Dr Brown and Sonja Hentz have been amazing in dealing with my son’s health issues.


I am pleased with the level of care we receive at Serenity. My daughter recently took part in the new Bio-Terrain Treatment & I am very pleased with Dr. King & Wendy on their promptness and level of service. They have explained each step of the way, have answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Brown is our doctor for both of my daughters and myself. We are very pleased with Dr. Brown. He explains each lab result, test, and medication in depth and answers any and all questions we may have in regards to treatment. Ember is a wonderful nurse. She is very prompt when answering the phone and answers any questions or concerns as quick as possible and is always patient on the phone. She has reassured me through a number of horrible Pans flares & herx reactions for myself. Sonja is just remarkable. I really enjoy listening to Sonja and how to heal the body naturally. She has helped us alongside Dr. Brown in some very horrible times. When my daughter wouldn't take to oral antibiotics Sonja quickly came up with an alternative treatment to help her get through. Your staff at Serenity is wonderful . I refer many new people to your office because we have had such pleasant results.


Dr. Debra Muth was such a huge help to me when my son was struggling with "out of the box" health issues. I tried going to several medical doctors and found no help. I was struggling to find any professional to listen to me or help me, but they all sent me to another specialist and none of them seem to listen or have any answers. Finally, I want to Muth and she actually listened to me!!! Also, she said she could help. She was extremely helpful. This was 2008 before she started up Serenity Healthcare. I love the new facility and the location is better for me but see below for comments.


Dr. Muth takes time to listen to my concerns, sharing personal experience at times as it pertains to my similar needs, and suggests viable options for treatment, considering financial ability and convenience.


Sara is always very friendly, kind and doesn't rush when speaking with her.


Everyone is so helpful, from the ladies at the registration desk to the rest of the nurses and the other staff. I've had massages with Wendy and she's great too thank you for being there for me.


Dr. Muth and Sonja are both very caring providers. They listen and respond with helpful solutions to health problems.


Wendy, Heather, Kayla, Sherri have been helpful, compassionate, competent, and caring.


I appreciate the time of a thorough discussion/exam.


I have been seeing Dr. Muth for over 8 years (since she was on Grand Ave.). I greatly respect her. I always appreciate the amount of time she spends listening in order to find the source of a problem. I also respect that she does not immediately resort to using antibiotics. I have also seen Dr. K in the past and again was impressed by his thoroughness and time spent getting to the source of a problem.

Kirsten M

Dr. Muth is very easy to talk to and listens to you.


Dr. Muth, takes the time to really listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I never felt rushed. This also applies to my thermogram experience.


Everyone is very friendly.


Dr. Muth is awesome - she takes her time with her patients, listens & provides different options if something isn't working. Kayla at the front desk is always cheery & helpful as is her mom Dr. Muth's assistant (her name is escaping me, Sorry!)


Dr. Muth is fantastic and I recommend her to anyone who asks me about alternative medicine. She is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable about hormone therapy.


Sonya is very helpful and knowledgeable.


Dr Muth is very knowledgeable and caring. She doesn't push mess or supplements but has suggestions for treatment. Very nice to work with!


We see Dr. Brown for my oldest child. He's thorough and knowledgeable. We appreciate him very much.


My provider is Dr. Konetski. I am vdery pleased with the thoroughness of his exams and his willingness to work with me in a holistic manner.

Galatia Na

I can't say enough good things about Dr Muth and Sonya they are compassionate and caring and have saved my life. I went it feeling like I had months to live no I can do almost everything I used to.


I feel I have a much better quality of life since I've been coming to Serenity.


Deb Muth has been so accurate in reading all of my saliva tests from 2008 until now. Because of that my post-menopausal health is even better than when I was pre -menopausal. I feel better. I rarely have night sweats or hot flashes and my memory is good. I am very thankful for her and for her dedication to provide me with such excellent health care.


Dr. Muth is very understanding, a great listener, works to resolve the health concerns, looks at the whole person to make assessments, and gives so much support along the way. A unique combination and so very helpful and knowledgeable!


Kayla was professional, friendly and efficient. Explained things very well and made me feel comfortable.


Everyone has been very professional and considerate of personal needs.


Dr Muth is very informative in the areas of Hashimoto's and hormone replacement therapy.


We have seen Dr Brown for several years for my son, he has autism and Lyme disease. He is fabulous and has helped my son immensely over the past few years.


Dr Muth was extremely knowledgeable and thorough during my first visit. Things were discussed which had never been brought up by previous physicians. Even my husband was amazed & impressed by the visit which is very unusual.


When I first was told of contacting Dr Muth at the Serenity Health Care Center by a colleague who had successfully lost weight using BHCG, I was somewhat skeptical. Being a Family Medicine Physician, I thought I would be able to lose weight on my own. However, being in a very busy practice and the other issues of daily life made dieting challenging at best.

I chose to meet with Dr Muth and her excellent RN and learned about the BHCG diet. As I learned the facts of how the diet worked, it made sense as I had had pregnant patients who had lost weight during pregnancy. I used the oral drops twice daily for 40 days, stuck diligently to the diet guidelines and lost 35 lbs in that time period.

I have loosened my diet since then (in terms of total calorie intake) but have been so happy with my overall health and energy that I mainly have continued eating the same foods as the diet suggested, and have now lost 48 lbs total.

I exercise daily now, eat excellent healthy food and feel great.
Thank you Dr Muth and Serenity Health Care Center for helping me attain my goals!


Dr. Heather King has treated me for lower back pain. I have found her and her staff to be friendly, kind and compassionate. Her commitment to my well-being is evidenced by seeing me at times outside of regular office hours.

Thank you Dr. King!


Dr. King is amazing! I began seeing her 5 years ago after the birth of my daughter. I had horrible lower back pain and she was able to get it under control with a few adjustments and stretches. Through conversations I told her about the migraines I was having (4-5 a month) and began seeing her for monthly maintenance and now only get migraines 1-2 times a year.

Dr. King also sees my daughters a couple times a year around allergy season to help with their neck pains related to allergies. She also sees them if they are having trouble sleeping with one adjustment they are back to sleeping all night. My husband sees her a few times a year, especially after he travels for work. Dr. King has been able to get his neck pain under control along with back pain from sitting in airplane seats.

We all love her personality and how she can relate to her parents.


I have been struggling with Lyme Disease for many years. At its worst, I was unable to function, and was in constant pain. Lyme is debilitating, and many mainstream chiropractors simply don't have the understanding or resources to deal with the progression / treatment of Lyme. Dr. King's approach is truly unique, and made all the difference in my life. I came to Dr. King with pain so severe I was unable to sit or even drive.

Many Chiropractors do all they can do, but not all that can be done - there is a HUGE difference. Dr. King started by assessing my condition and did more than just treat it. Dr. King recommended other treatments that she felt was necessary to aid in my recovery.

Today my pain is manageable, and under control. I have been able to resume the outdoor activities that I love, and am able to go hunting, fishing and camping again. I am grateful for Dr. King's efforts - she is truly a remarkable women. If you have Lyme, there is no question that Dr. King can help you get your life back.


Wow Sunni-Perfect timing...Deb M at he Serenity Ctr in Waukesha was wonderful and completely got my issues and it is covered under insurance! In 2-3 weeks I will know more about my condition.
I have been doubled over in pain for over a week and she confirmed i most likely have a bacterial imbalance and possibly food allergy. Not eating certain foods have helped.


This is just a comment and I do not require a response. I wanted to say thank you to Dr. Muth and her team for such exceptional service. Specifically how quickly Dr. Muth returned paperwork to my Employer. They were impressed and so am I. Thank you all for your outstanding service and hard work.


I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for basically saving my life and leading me to wellness.


Rachel made me feel like I was the only one she had talked to today and is a real asset to your clinic.


Dr. Muth,

I heard from MD Custom Pharmacy and they told me we were changing my dose and inactive ingred. I just want to thank you for all you have done to help me get to optimal health. I know it has been trying. I feel I am fortunate to have found someone who cares and put so much time into one patient. I wish. there was someway to thank you more than an email. I pray we have found the answer for me but I am also confident, if we have not, I am in the best of hands and care with having you as my healthcare provider.

Thank you so much!


Hi Deb,

I thought this Webinar was very informative. I so appreciate the invitation as well as you doing this for your patients. Brilliant idea and topic!

Here I thought you have taught me well over the years and I still picked up things I didn't know. Eye lid lag that's a definite new symptom with me (one I wasn't familiar with either) and I found the zinc test very interesting among things.

Thanks so much for doing this. I will be getting my thyroid labs and sex hormones tested in the next 2 weeks and look forward to seeing you in May to help put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

You are a fantastic teacher Deb. - April 9, 2014


Thank you so much for taking the time to be there when I needed you. Thanks for helping to see me through so much. You have taken the hours out of your own precious days to make a little more sunshine in mine. Thank you for all you’ve done and for all that you continue to do.


I am so thankful to be under the professional care of someone like yourself who is actually interested in the well being of their patients and takes time to find out what exactly is the problem along with finding the best ways to fix the problem.


Thank you for your care, compassion and kindness along with a firm hand at other times when I can’t move past the next step. You have shown a great deal of patience with me thank you for that.


Thanks for all the extra effort and dedication to the care of me as a patient and a person. Dr. Muth your devotion is insurmountable and your concern immeasurable (because it is so great).


Thank you for all the support and care through the situations in my life. To know that there is an office that truly cares about their patients is very comforting.


Thank you for the information, knowledge and inspiration you shared with my husband and me. You gave us some good advice. My husband told me later that he thought you were so knowledgeable and admirable and felt I was in really good hands, which I know I am.

Linda and Rich

Thank you for working with God to create miracles for people like me.


Thank you so much for helping me. Your work has changed my life and many others. Keep up the great work! You are true healers.


I want to thank you for your listening ear during my office visit. It was a real break through for me and I felt blessed that God put you here. I’m doing lots better!

Thank you Gina

“I just saw you 3 days ago and I feel so much better”!!
“I can think”!
“What a great feeling”!
“I haven’t felt like this since… I can’t remember”.
“My husband Doug says call Dr. Muth and thank her for giving me my wife back”.