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ApoE Gene diet: lose weight and reduce high cholesterol

Apolipoprotein E, or ApoE, is a gene that determines how your body metabolizes cholesterol and other foods.
The ApoE gene puts you at risk for Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, Strokes, Diabetes, Obesity, and more. 

With thorough testing, every patient’s ApoE genetic profile tells our staff the best way to approach your weight loss goals. This plan is customized to suit your genetic blueprint.

The ApoE Gene Diet is not a diet in the classic use of the word. Instead, the ApoE Gene Diet is an individualized nutritional plan based on your gene type. Because each ApoE genotype processes foods differently, there is a unique optimal balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the ideal diet for each person’s journey to weight loss.  

In addition, the ApoE Gene Diet incorporates the whole person (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in creating a gene-supportive environment that promotes a healthy life free of chronic illness. 

The optimal plan for your ApoE Gene Diet provides guidance for:

  • Fat content with the correct types of fats
  • Carbohydrate content with the suitable kinds of carbohydrates
  • Protein content with the best types of proteins
  • Caloric content for your needs
  • Amount and variety of exercise appropriate for you
  • Balance of stress and relaxation in your life
  • Your mental and emotional environment
  • Type of vibes and or energy you mesh with (the spiritual component)

Do you have a history of high cholesterol and weight gain? Then, get tested for the ApoE gene and start seeing results!

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