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Clean Start Diet Program

Let’s put all of Serenity’s expertise and resources at your service to ensure you get the maximum results:

  • A careful review of your medical and dieting history
  • Metabolic testing
  • Body Composition Assessment using our new InBody machine
  • 43 days of hCG injections (a proven hormone therapy for weight loss)
  • Biweekly MIC injections (to break down fat)
  • Biweekly Vitamin B injections for a metabolism boost and energy
  • 2 LET sessions (to enhance your body’s natural detox ability)
  • 2 Detox Foot Baths
  • Clean Start Patient Package (program guide, cookbook, journal, tip sheets)
  • Weekly checkups, measurements, chat with staff, email
  • General Support via email, phone, and social media
  • Six weeks of maintenance and program support

Coupled with nutrition, Serenity aims to adjust your metabolism, lower inflammation, raise your self-esteem, and free you of never-ending hunger.

Ready To Get Started?

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