Are your patients suffering with a sluggish, low energy life? “Are they telling you they are tired or being tired?” Do they complain of cold intolerance, weight gain, poor memory, or sleep disorders?  Are they depressed or overly anxious, with low libido, blood pressure problems, or circulation problems?  Have they been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or headaches?

If any of these descriptions fit your patients, they may suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, also known as “low metabolic energy syndrome.”   This condition prevents the body from supplying enough energy, and may be mistaken for thyroid disease, because the symptoms are similar. Often, a thyroid hormone is prescribed; however, many people do not get complete relief from this treatment.

My approach is simple and effective; restore adrenal function. Patient symptoms range from mild to severe. Patients with mild symptoms need to dedicate three to six months to the Essence of Health and Vitality Program; those with moderate to severe symptoms need to dedicate one to three years.  This commitment can be difficult for patients, as many want a pill “to be better now.”  Adrenal Fatigue is not a quick fix, as the entire body needs to be supported.

In my patient population, 90% suffer from some level of Adrenal Fatigue.  When explained, almost all are surprised they have never heard of this, making education imperative.  Once patients complete the Adrenal questionnaire, they recognize the diagnosis is correct, and you should expect sincere commitment from them.

Be prepared for patients to become angry once they begin the treatment protocol and begin to feel better. Angry because they suffered so long, with no other doctor recognizing the problem and treating them.  Angry, that they could have felt better with a small change from supplements and lifestyle habits. This creates a lot of questions about health care in general, providing you with great credibility!

How many of these patients are in your practice?  Do you want to help more people feel better and control their symptoms?  Learn about balancing Adrenal Fatigue!  This can significantly grow your practice and allow you to become the expert in your area!

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