Genetic Evaluation

Unlock Your Potential

Did you know that by doing a simple saliva test, you can discover your DNA blueprint and learn how well your genes are matched to your present diet and lifestyle, as well as how you can unlock the full potential of your current and future health and wellness?

Yes, it is true!  By assessing your genetic profile, the healthcare professionals at Serenity Health Care Center can teach you how to optimize your diet and modify your lifestyle to “turn off” or down-regulate genes that have the potential to cause harm and “turn on” or up-regulate the genes that help to prevent disease.

Our genes support our uniqueness and influence everything from the color of our eyes and our height, to the predisposition to chronic disease. However, science now confirms that our genes interact with our lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, exercise and environmental exposures.

To understand more about your genes, it is important to know that our unique genetic make-up, which is what we are born with, is like our hard drive – and represents our health potential for life. To function optimally in our environment, our genes have ‘epigenomes’, which are parts of our genes that interact with the environment and causes our genes to be ‘triggered’ – otherwise known as ‘epigenetics’ or our software. Therefore, the expression of our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside each cell – which primarily come from our diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Synchronizing your unique DNA blueprint with our diet and lifestyle, known as Nutrigenomics, is the key to the exciting new realm of personalized wellness medicine. This type of nutrigenomics can help you with weight loss, lipid metabolism, detoxification, and wellness prevention. It helps to know what type of supplements you should take and the amounts. It is truly personalized!

Serenity Health Care Center’s Smart DNA Profiles

  • Weight loss profile – learn why you may be struggling with your weight and how to unlock your body’s secrets to weight loss
  • Sports & Exercise profile – what exercise is best for your body, such as endurance or sprint and power, and are you more prone to muscle pain after exercise
  • Lipid (cholesterol) profile – knowing your genetic profile enables an individual nutrition and diet program to help control your cholesterol
  • High blood pressure risk – how to better manage blood pressure
  • Liver detoxification capacity – how your body deals with toxins and substances such as caffeine, medications, heavy metals, hormones
  • Anti-aging profiling – to help you slow the rate of aging
  • Inflammation profile – how to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Diabetes profile – know your risk and how to prevent it
  • Bone health – risk/prevention of osteoporosis
  • Estrogenic profile – your ability to deal with estrogens
  • Lactose intolerance risk
  • Coeliac disease risk
  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Salt sensitivity -  risk/prevention of hypertension
  • Specific nutrient needs - you may need specific nutrients based on your genes for example, Omega-3s, Vitamin B2, B12, Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E
  • Nutrigenomic (gene appropriate diet) profile – what nutrients and diet is best for your genes
  • Methylation profile – a very important profile to check for preconception, autism, ADHA, Alzheimer’s, stroke and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Physiogenomic profile – risk factors for brain and mood health are covered in this panel plus how you’re wired to deal with stress, and change in the season

If you are interested in unlocking your genetic potential and charting your lifestyle choices for optimal health, get in touch or call 262-522-8640 for a consultation.