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Male Hormone Therapies


Male Hormone Therapies

“The United States is home to 147.5 million adult men, who report their health status is fair or poor. Indeed, 32% of men ages 20 and up are obese, and 31%in that same age group have hypertension. Among adult American men, heart disease, cancer, and accidents are the three leading causes of death.” (Source: U.S. Centers for Disease control and Prevention) It is reported that 13 million men have low testosterone levels, but only 5-10% will ever seek treatment. Testosterone levels peak at age 20 and gradually decline throughout life. Low testosterone can be a reason for cognitive decline and be part of the problem with Alzheimer’s disease.

As men grow older, their free testosterone level decreased and estrogen levels rise. The average 60-year-old man has more circulating estrogen than testosterone levels. Recent research shows that incremental levels of estrogen have detrimental effects on the cardiovascular system.

As estrogen levels increase, they become increasing prone to benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and prostate cancer. It is important to measure estrogen levels, primarily Estradiol, but also Estrone.

What are some of the symptoms of low testosterone (Low T)?

  • Foggy thinking
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Decreased Stamina
  • Anxiety and Irritability
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
  • Decreased mental status
  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Night Sweats/heart palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Decreased erections
  • Increased abdominal fat
  • Decreased urine flow
  • Fatigue and exhaustion

What are the symptoms of estrogen dominance?

  • Irritability/Mood Swings
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Short term memory loss
  • Water retention
  • Weight Gain
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Cravings for Sweets

Can testosterone levels be increased without testosterone supplementation?

First you reduce estrogen levels, increase testicular output and provide androgen supplementation. Amino Acids can be used along with hormone precursors like (DHEA) Dehydroepiandrosterone. Herbs can also be used to assist in supporting a healthy prostate and enhance hormone levels naturally.

What can I expect to see if I use testosterone therapy?

  • Improved brain function
  • Reduced prostate size
  • Improved mood
  • Improved sexual function
  • Improved bone health
  • Improved body mass

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