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Treating Lyme Disease


Treating Lyme Disease

Treating Lyme disease with antibiotics alone is not enough for many patients. Unlike most traditional physicians, the Lyme literate practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee have the experience and training to understand the complexities of this often-misunderstood disease.

The ambiguous symptoms of Lyme disease, along with inaccurate tests, lead to misdiagnoses like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Even when patients receive an accurate diagnosis, treating Lyme disease is often limited to an antibiotic regimen that is typically only effective for patients in the early stages of Lyme disease. Sometimes, even early-stage patients will continue to have problems after antibiotic treatment.

Our practitioners believe in treating Lyme disease with a multi-functional approach

When treating Lyme disease, it is crucial to address the patient’s immune system. Borrelia, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, may be embedded deep within cells, brain tissue and cartilage, making it resistant to antibiotics. In addition, the bacteria can have a devastating effect on a patient’s immune system, leading to other health issues over time.

Practitioners who are treating Lyme disease also need to understand a substance called biofilm and its relationship to coinfections. Bacteria forms a substance called biofilm that attaches itself to cells and spreads throughout the body. When left untreated, biofilm can affect patients who already have a compromised immune system. Lack of immunity allows biofilm to spread more readily and contribute to coinfections such as gastrointestinal problems and skin conditions associated with Lyme disease.

Our treatment methods address the whole patient, not just the Lyme disease symptoms.

In addition to prescribing antibiotics, if appropriate, our practitioners employ a multi-step program when treating Lyme disease.

  • Address the patient’s immune system. At our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, we understand that a patient with Lyme disease cannot thrive with a compromised immune system. We employ several therapies to help boost a patient’s immunity so that the body can fight the borrelia bacteria.
  • Reduce inflammation. The human body develops inflammation in response to infections such as Lyme disease. Inflammation can cause chronic pain and weaken the immune system. When treating Lyme disease, we employ Ondamed therapy, Thermography, LET (Lymph Enhancement Therapy) and Ultrasound Therapy to reduce problematic inflammation.
  • Treat related health problems and coinfections. Many traditional physicians do not understand that patients with Lyme disease often develop coinfections that contribute to their chronic pain and ill health. At our functional medicine clinic, we consider the patient’s overall health and actively look for issues such as gastrointestinal and skin issues. We also test for and treat tick-borne coinfections and other illnesses.
  • Our providers are highly trained Lyme disease practitioners, treating Lyme disease with every tool in our arsenal.

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