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Your Path Toward Healing

Serenity Health Care focuses on the root cause, the premier destination for integrative and functional medicine. Our expert providers and state-of-the-art clinic specialize in personalized treatments for weight management, hormonal balance, chronic health issues, anti-aging, TBI, Mitochondrial Health and more to help you reach optimal wellness.

Discover the future of healthcare at our cutting-edge wellness center, where traditional medicine and advanced complementary treatments unite. Our expert team creates personalized health plans tailored to your unique needs, offering a holistic and integrative approach to well-being. Embark on a transformative health journey with us and step into a vibrant, healthier life today. Experience the power of integrative healthcare.

Why Chose Serenity Health Care Center

Integrative Functional Medical Providers

Our providers are trained in both functional and integrative medicine. We have Board Certified Anti-Aging Regenerative Specialist. ILLADs trained Shoemaker trained experts to help your entire family achieve your health goals. (can you link to our provider page)

Root Cause Approach

Our functional medicine providers treat the whole person, leaving no stone unturned when helping you regain your health and wellbeing. We will explore your lifestyle, environment, genetics and more to get to the root cause of chronic conditions and promote wellness and vitality. How does it work (link) to another page-

Personalized Functional Medicine Approach

We design your personalized care plan with our complete approach to integrative medicine, advanced treatments & diagnostic testing, our providers work as a team to help you achieve optimal health. (can you link this to a services page that has boxes that show what we provide and those boxes can open up to more information)

Our mission is to provide our patients with team based health services that combine traditional medicine with complementary treatments in a modern setting emphasizing integrative medical treatment modalities.

Greater Milwaukee’s Leader in Functional & Internal Medicine

Many new patients see countless doctors before arriving at our Functional Medicine practice. Testing, innovative solutions, healthcare excellence, compassion, and clear explanations distinguish us as the largest Functional Medicine practice of its kind in the Midwest. We treat people of all ages and take pride in the families that have entrusted us for 4 generations.

How does it work?

Book an Appointment with Us

We believe good care requires good listening. Our relationships are built on time and personal attention. During your first visit, we will explore your whole story so we can treat the source of your symptoms and determine the next steps to your wellness plan! Call us or Reserve a time online.

Get an In-Depth Health Analysis

Cutting-edge, personalized lab work, advanced tests and imaging, and a host of diagnostic tools give us an in depth perspective of your health from head to toe, providing a roadmap to optimum wellness.

Start Your Personalized Plan

Utilizing the best of conventional and functional medicine — from nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes to medication and customized, proven medical therapies —

We’re with you on the journey to a better YOU!