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Allergy Drops


Allergy Drops

Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy, offer customized treatment for each patient based on his or her allergy diagnosis. Our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee uses the La Crosse Method™ to develop allergy drops for our patients.

What is the La Crosse Method™ and what is its approach to allergy drops?

The La Crosse Method™ is the most widely used in the United Sates for diagnosis and treatment with allergy drops. It’s a comprehensive protocol that provides a convenient, safe, effective, affordable and versatile solution for many people who suffer from allergies.

One of the main benefits to this protocol is that it can be customized to treat both seasonal and environmental allergies. Our allergy drops can also treat patients with more complex allergies, such as mold, chemicals and food allergies, or even associated health conditions such as asthma or eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis.

What are the benefits of treatment with allergy drops?

Other clinics use injection immunotherapy for the majority of patients; however, we choose to exclusively use allergy drops in our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee. This method offers several benefits.

  • Reduced time spent at your doctor’s office
  • The advantage of taking immunotherapy at home or on the go
  • The ability to treat a broader array of allergies and conditions
  • Reduced need for allergy medications while being treated with allergy drops

How we diagnose allergies

Once again, we follow the La Crosse Method™ to diagnose the patient before we decide whether or not he or she would benefit from treatment with allergy drops. We perform thorough diagnostics. We discuss your environment at home, work or school, and your personal and family medical history. We ask you to complete a questionnaire at your first appointment, which provides us with the essential information we need to make a precise diagnosis. Once we have diagnosed an allergic disorder, we may order allergy testing. Once testing is complete, we can create your customized allergy drops.

The treatment process

Allergy drops are administered by placing the drops under the tongue. First, there is a build-up phase, during which the patient receives the drops in doses that gradually increase until he or she reaches the full strength dose. The build-up phase is followed by a maintenance phase. During this phase, patients take their allergy drops as directed.

Our team is committed to helping patients with allergies achieve a better quality of life through diagnosis and treatment. If you are interested in finding out if allergy drops will help you or your family member, contact us.

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