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We emphasize preventative medicine

However, once you are suffering from the symptoms of disease, we initiate diagnostic testing and decide on the correct therapy.

While alleviating your symptoms is a priority, it is essential to uncover the root cause of your disease to avoid prolonging your suffering or risking relapse.

Serenity Health Care Center combines the power of conventional and alternative medicine

Before prescribing a therapeutic treatment, we will comprehensively examine your symptoms, test, thoroughly revise your medical history and look beyond your current physical state to holistically incorporate your overall wellbeing goals.

Lyme Disease

An individualized medically supervised program for the treatment of Lyme disease
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Leverage the effectiveness of Individualized nutritional plans
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Non-evasive imaging technology uncovers illness
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Low Dose Allergen

Help your body create a natural immune tolerance to achieve lasting allergy relief
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Apply the proven healing capability of pulsed electromagnetic fields
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Ozone therapy

Used for over 150 years, this treatment counters numerous diseases
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Allergy Drops

After testing, food, chemical, and environmental reactions are addressed. We are 1 of 2 clinics in the USA that specializes in hormone allergies
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Low Dose Immunotherapy

Restore your normal immune function disrupted by inflammatory conditions
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IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous vitamins & minerals for immediate relief and rejuvenation
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Hormone Therapies

Let’s identify your ideal hormonal balance to restore your vitality
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Lymphatic Enhancement

Stimulate and decongest your essential lymph circulation for optimal health
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Anti-aging Therapies

Slow, stop, or reverse your aging process and avoid future ailments
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Serenity’s Online Dispensary

So many of our therapies go hand-in-hand with proper nutrition and supplementing the vitamins and minerals you lack.

Our patients enjoy the convenience of our online supplement store to facilitate refills and delivery.

Ask your Serenity practitioner today to add your recommended personalized products to your private online profile to ensure you order the most effective compound.
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Lab Panels & Testing

Preventing disease as well as managing specific health problems with the right therapies is based on trusted diagnostics.

Labs and panels help Serenity Health Care Center get a peek at what is going on inside your body based on facts.

We take time to decipher your test results and put them into your context by thoroughly combing through your medical history.

In certain cases, we suggest you order your own lab tests before coming in to the office. This helps us resolve your issues quickly and saves you the cost of an additional appointment.

The #1 best therapy is to initiate preventive measures now

Genetics plays a huge role in your health.

Many of the therapies we mention above not only treat existing conditions but work to strengthen your body's own healing functions to head off health issues in the future.

We encourage you not to wait for symptoms to appear to make an appointment. Let's begin working with you closely today to mitigate and even avoid your genetically predisposed health issues.
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