High blood pressure is a dangerous health condition that leads to cardiovascular disease and many other illnesses. While the exact cause isn’t always known, there are many underlying factors that contribute to the development of high blood pressure. These lifestyle choices can make a positive difference.

Weight Gain Can Cause High Blood Pressure: Being overweight or obese can drive your blood pressure upward. Even losing a few pounds can have tremendous health benefits.

Lifestyle is Important in Controlling High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle is Important in Controlling High Blood Pressure

Foods Play a Role in High Blood Pressure: Many people are aware that too much salt in a diet is detrimental for blood pressure. But most people don’t know that sugary foods and coffee can increase it too. Too much alcohol is another culprit. Plus, lots of packaged and canned foods have hidden salt and sugar. Know what you’re eating and strive for fresh foods when possible to help control blood pressure.

Lack of Activity Can Lead to Blood Pressure Problems: Today’s technology often enables an inactive lifestyle at both work and play. Physical activity can help control your blood pressure, reduce stress and manage your weight. Opting for daily exercise could be one of the best health decisions you make!

Medications Can Raise Blood Pressure: If you take medications, it’s important to learn about interactions and side effects. Supplements and over-the-counter drugs count too. On the other hand, olive leaf extract has been tested to reduce blood pressure. Learn more about it in High Blood Pressure and Olive Leaf Extract. You are in charge, so understand the health issues and benefits of drugs and supplements.

Stopping Smoking Can Lower Blood Pressure: Research has shown the multiple health benefits of stopping smoking. Lowering blood pressure is on the benefit list. Putting down your cigarettes is worth the effort. You don’t have to go it alone. Ask about our smoking cessation program at Serenity Health Care.

Genetics and Aging Play a Role in Blood Pressure: While you may be genetically inclined to have blood pressure issues, making the right lifestyle choices helps. Staying in good physical condition and following a healthy diet keeps many physical ailments at bay as you get older.

Call Serenity Health Care for an appointment to identify existing or potential blood pressure problems. It’s especially important to start early if your lifestyle or family history puts you at greater risk. Take action immediately if your blood pressure starts inching upward. It could save your life!

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