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Diagnosing Toxic Mold Illnesses


Our experienced practitioners are experts at diagnosing toxic mold illnesses

At our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, our skilled practitioners combine experience and knowledge when diagnosing toxic mold illnesses. Illnesses caused by toxic mold cause symptoms that are often confused with other conditions and are misdiagnosed by conventional medicine. When patients receive the wrong diagnosis, they do not receive proper treatment and continue to suffer from chronic problems that severely affect their quality of life. Our practitioners leave no stone unturned when diagnosing problems caused by toxic mold.

Diagnosing toxic mold illnesses requires a thorough investigation

One test is not the answer to diagnosing toxic mold illnesses. Instead, trained practitioners need to utilize a combination of methods to determine whether patients are suffering from symptoms caused by toxic mold.

Our staff begins the diagnostic process by taking a thorough medical history that also addresses the environment in which a patient lives, works or studies. Taking time to carefully investigate a person’s environment is important when diagnosing toxic mold.

If a patient’s medical history and symptoms point to exposure to toxic mold, the next step is taking blood and urine samples and nasal swabs to look for evidence of toxic mold spores.

Another important part of diagnosing toxic mold illnesses is allergy testing. When patients come to our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee with signs of mold allergies, their treatment plan may include allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy.

The visual contrast sensitivity test

The visual contrast sensitivity test is helpful for diagnosing toxic mold illnesses that have caused severe symptoms that affect the nervous system. This test challenges a person’s ability to distinguish between black, white and shades of gray, testing the patient’s optic nerve function. The experienced practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee recognize that toxins can decrease the oxygen supply available to nerves, affecting their function. The visual contrast sensitivity test is very effective in determining whether the toxins from molds are negatively affecting patients.

An accurate diagnosis is critical for patients suffering from toxic mold illnesses

Diagnosing toxic mold illnesses requires time and attention. Our staff takes the time to be thorough and obtain an accurate diagnosis to help our patients return to optimal health.

Traditional medical doctors often tell patients that they have lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or mental illnesses when they actually have toxic mold illnesses. Misdiagnosis leads to more serious problems, including chronically ill and depressed patients.

Patients who visit our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee can depend on us. Diagnosing toxic mold illnesses is one of our specialties. We take the time to get to the bottom of every problem. Patients who are looking for this kind of expertise and attention to detail should contact us for an appointment.

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