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Genetics and Lyme Disease


Genetics & Lyme Disease

Conventional medicine practitioners rarely talk about the link between genetics and Lyme disease, but a Lyme literate practitioner at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee understands the relationship. Genetics can affect the way the body detoxifies when Lyme disease attacks. Our knowledgeable providers offer genetic testing to help develop the most complete treatment program for patients.

Pursuing the link between genetics and Lyme disease leads to better outcomes

Our experienced Lyme disease providers stay on top of the latest research and developments, including advances in genetics and Lyme disease. There are certain genes that help the body with detoxification, including the MTHFR and GSTM1 genetic mutations. Research shows that MTHFR genetic mutations, in particular, can affect patients with Lyme disease. People with the MTHFR genetic mutation have difficulty converting B vitamins and Folic Acid into their active forms, GSTM1 lower levels of glutathione in their bodies. Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps the body detoxify. A person with Lyme disease needs this substance in the proper amounts to help rid the body of toxins, parasites, coinfections, viruses and mold brought on by Lyme disease.

The relationship between detoxification and enzymes

In order to understand the relationship between genetics and Lyme disease, it’s important to comprehend how enzymes affect detoxification. During detoxification, one of the most important enzymes that affects patients with Lyme disease is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). If there is a nutritional deficiency in any of the trace elements, such as copper, iron, zinc or manganese, that SOD enzymes usually contain, the body’s ability to detoxify is impaired. There are also SOD1 and SOD2 enzymes that play a role.

Testing for nutritional deficiencies helps our providers assess a patient’s needs

Genetic testing allows the experts at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee to discover the link between genetics and Lyme disease in each patient. Once our team has determined whether there are any genetic mutations, testing for nutritional deficiencies may follow.

Knowing which nutrients or trace elements are missing helps our staff devise a treatment plan that will help strengthen and support a patient’s enzyme system.

Our team provides special treatments for Lyme disease patients

At our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, patients can receive helpful treatments not available in the conventional medicine community. These treatments are based on the science of genetics and Lyme disease.

  • Types of IV nutritional therapy provide missing nutrients, minerals and vitamins to patients who suffer from chronic Lyme disease.
  • Lyme disease detox helps patients with genetic mutations and nutritional deficiencies rid their body of toxins and infections caused by Lyme disease.

Our Lyme disease team takes a comprehensive, multi-functional approach to treating and diagnosing Lyme disease.

Patients who believe they are suffering from Lyme disease should contact us for an appointment.

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