Types of IV Nutritional Therapy

At our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, our experienced practitioners offer different types of IV nutritional therapy to help patients achieve better health and wellness. IV nutritional therapy provides vital nutrients directly to a patient’s bloodstream for maximum impact.

Different types of IV nutritional therapy help treat chronic health problems

Several types of IV nutritional therapy provide benefits for patients with chronic health issues. Our staff evaluates patients to determine which treatment will work best for each individual.

  • High-dose vitamin C therapy provides high doses of vitamin C to patients who have cancer, inflammation or autoimmune diseases. It provides several benefits, including protection against pollutants and promotion of healthy cell development.
  • Immune boosting IV infusion supplies the body with nutrients to boost the immune system and improve the body’s resistance to chronic or acute infections.
  • IV infusion for cancer support is one of the types of IV nutritional therapy that helps patients with cancer. Our practitioners work with each individual to determine which nutrients their body needs to boost the immune system, provide the body with nutrients and help battle cancer.
  • IV therapy for gut support helps patients who have problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, leaky gut syndrome and celiac disease. Providing nutrients directly into the bloodstream instead of through the gastrointestinal system provides maximum absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • Migraine therapy is one of the types of IV nutritional therapy that can help with all kinds of headaches. Patients benefit from infusions of magnesium that not only help relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders and head, but also open blood vessels.
  • IV therapy for asthma helps patients who have mild, acute attacks when administered soon after the attack occurs. The therapy also helps decrease the frequency of asthma attacks because treatment reduces inflammation and affects cells that release histamines that cause wheezing and other asthma symptoms.

Patients can benefit from therapy for fertility

IV nutritional therapy can help men and women who want to have a baby.

  • IV therapy for fertility enhancement is available for males and females to help detox their bodies from a variety of toxins that can affect fertility.

Therapy is also available for people who need a general health boost

Several types of IV nutritional therapy can boost good health, but the popular Myer’s cocktail is the perfect choice for almost every patient’s overall health. This infusion of vitamins and nutrients helps with several health conditions, plus combats fatigue and boosts immunity.

With so many types of IV nutritional therapy to choose from, patients can rest assured that there are one or more treatments that will help them. Contact the professionals at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee to learn more.