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Heavy Metals


Heavy Metals

What are your exposure risks to heavy metals?

Heavy metals overload can cause adverse health effects in human metabolism (including lead, cadmium, and mercury) present obvious concerns due to their persistence in the environment and documented potential for serious health consequences.

Heavy metals are ubiquitous in the environment from air, groundwater contamination and cigarette smoke.  It is not possible to completely avoid exposure to toxic metals (Singh 2011). Even people who are not occupationally exposed carry certain metals in their body as a result of exposure from other sources, such as food, beverages, or air (Washam 2011; Satarug 2010).

What are some of the damage caused by heavy metals?

Acute heavy metal intoxications may damage the following:

  • Central nervous function
  • Cardiovascular and gastrointestinal (GI) systems, lungs, kidneys, liver, endocrine glands, and bones (Jang 2011; Adal 2013)

It should also be noted that chronic heavy metal exposure has been implicated in several degenerative diseases of these same systems and may increase the risk of some cancers (Galanis 2009; Wu 2012).

Most people deal with stored heavy metal issues, increasing the risk for osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

Can you limit your health risks to heavy metal toxicity?

At Serenity Health Care Center, our practitioners can advise you how to reduce your metal toxicity risk.  By incorporating lifestyle choices that diminish the probability of harmful heavy metal uptake, such as dietary measures that include avoiding plastics, cooking in microwaves, using aluminum cookware or cans, and using water purifiers to name just a few ways to assist in promoting the safe metabolism or excretion of ingested heavy metals.

Can I be evaluated for heavy metal toxicity?

Heavy metal testing can be done very easily and can be treated either naturally or through traditional medical means.

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