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Improving Male Fertility


Male Infertility

Approximately one-third of infertility cases are caused by male fertility issues, so it’s important to focus on improving male fertility when discussing natural fertility. There are several ways to improve a man’s fertility. At our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, we address the issue by taking a holistic approach.

Improving male fertility begins with addressing medical concerns

If there are no structural problems, we can look toward improving male fertility by optimizing overall health. This begins by taking a blood sample to check hormone levels. Dr. Debra Muth is a nationally recognized hormone expert, and she will investigate male hormone levels to determine whether changes need to occur to achieve the optimal balance for fertility.

In addition, improving male fertility means addressing chronic medical conditions. We advise patients to control high blood pressure, ensure that diabetes is being properly and constantly regulated, and address any other chronic medical problems.

Men who are preparing for cancer treatments should consult with us about preserving fertility; we work with oncologists to coordinate care. If a man has already had cancer treatment, we will discuss treatment options during our consultation.

Don’t forget to inform our team if you are taking any medications; certain prescriptions and even testosterone treatments will interfere with male fertility.

Addressing lifestyle issues

One of the most proactive ways to improve male fertility is embracing a healthy lifestyle. There are several areas that we address.

  • Eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants to improve sperm count and motility, or movement. We offer supplements to boost male fertility.
  • Quit smoking and using recreational drugs.
  • Do not indulge in excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Reduce stress. There is a connection between emotional health and infertility.
  • Try to get to your ideal weight. Being overweight or underweight can affect fertility.

Additional tips for improving male fertility

We have several additional tips for improving male fertility.

  • Try to have sexual intercourse at least two to three times per week during your partner’s fertile window.
  • Do not use most sexual lubricants—limit your use to canola oil or Pre-Seed brand.
  • Exercise to increase the production of antioxidants and improve your overall health.
  • Avoid exposure to toxins such as pesticides and lead.
  • Be cool! Too much heat can increase your scrotal temperature and hinder sperm production. This means avoiding hot tubs, briefs, laptop computers on the lap and too much time sitting.
  • Consider alternative therapies as a way of enhancing health and improving male fertility.

Our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee takes a comprehensive approach to every issue, including improving male fertility. For more information, contact us.

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