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Dr. Deb Has A Podcast – Let’s Talk Wellness Now


Dr. Debra Muth, ND has a Podcast!

And Season 1: Hormones is out now!

Let’s Talk Wellness Now is a natural health and wellness podcast hosted by Dr. Debra Muth, ND – the founder of Serenity Health Care Center and Phoenix Factor – Female Health Protocol. Let’s Talk Wellness Now is a raw and exciting dialogue that will explore topics ranging anywhere from hormone function and sexual health, to brain health and Lyme Disease.

Each season’s theme will concentrate on a specific health condition, and feature industry experts ranging from clinical psychologists and compounding pharmacists, to Global Nonprofit Presidents and fellow practitioners leading the world of integrative medicine and natural health. Season 1 is devoted to all things Hormones, followed by a season dedicated to all things Sexual Health!

We invite you to listen in, review, comment, share, make suggestions, and enjoy the incredible conversation about the world of natural health and wellness!

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