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Low T

Low Testosterone or Low T

1.  Have you lost your stamina?  Have you lost your motivation, strength and sexual desire? You are not alone!

“Low T” also known as andropause or male menopause, low testosterone happens to many men both young and old. Low T can occur from too much stress in your life, chronic pain, or just plan genetics.

2. Are you not feeling like yourself? Does your wife tell you, you need some help?

When that begins, we need can help you identify how to reach optimal performance and health at the same time.  Low T can be the cause for your irritability, mood changes and lack of desire.

3. Has your body changed? Have you lost muscle mass?

Low T decreases muscle mass, leading to increased body fat. Studies have also shown that proper testosterone levels are necessary to have proper blood sugar control.

If you answered yes to these questions, you can be helped with male hormonal therapy.

What Is Low T?

All hormones are made from cholesterol, this is why it is important to have healthy levels of cholesterol, and without them the body cannot make any hormone. Testosterone is a male hormone (androgen) made by the testes and adrenal glands.

A man is diagnosed with low T, by either a blood or saliva test, or when his testosterone levels fall below 300 ng/dL. A man can also have subclinical low T when the testosterone level is less than 600 ng/dl. Testosterone levels peak at age 20, but rarely do people measure hormone levels at the peak of performance. Because we do not know where a man was at during peak performance, it can be hard to know if you are low simply based on a number. At Serenity Health Care Center, we do not order testosterone therapy based solely on lab values.

How do you treat Low T?

  • Gels/Creams

Bio-identical hormones can be compounded into many forms commonly, Testosterone gels and solutions are applied daily to a thin skin area.

  • Injections
    FDA approved Testosterone injections are often given intramuscular into the arm or upper buttock, and administered every 1-2 weeks.
  • Rapid Dissolve Tablets
    These are bio-identical hormones made in a sublingual form that is placed in the buccal membrane of the mouth, where testosterone is absorbed within about 20 minutes

At Serenity Health Center, we employ various treatment options for treating Low T. These therapies include:

  • Evaluating all hormone levels for optimal balance
  • We evaluate for low growth hormone levels if necessary and amino acid imbalance that can contribute to symptoms of low T.

If you would like to be evaluated for low T, please call and schedule a consultation at 262-522-8640.

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