Women's Thermography Breast Screenings

Breast cancer is most curable when it's detected in the early stages, so women are eager to find tools to help them in their battle […]
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7 Possible Causes of Crashing Fatigue (and How to Fix It)

It doesn't matter how much sleep you get. You are physically exhausted. You may also be mentally and emotionally exhausted. You suffer from chronic fatigue. […]
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Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs

Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs Food and sex can be an erotic mix - if you know what you're doing! Food and sex can be a […]
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Vitamin D and Bladder Cancer

Linking low levels of vitamin D and bladder cancer Many people know that they get vitamin D from milk and being outside in the sun, […]
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Happy Breast Clinic: Thermography and Myofascial Self-Care

Taking care of your breasts is important to your long-term health. That's why we are hosting a breast clinic. Understanding breast disorders is vital for […]
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