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Lymph Enhancement Therapy

Understanding the Functions of the Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is responsible for removing cellular waste, large proteins, and toxins from the body. It has three primary functions: drainage, immune support, and transport.

By efficiently draining protein-rich fluids that contain cellular waste from various parts of the body, the lymphatic system ensures the proper functioning of the body’s cells. It also facilitates the movement of immune cells through the lymphatic channels, promoting healthy immunity. In addition, the system transports essential nutrients and proteins to other parts of the body.

The lymphatic system works like a sewer system, cleansing and detoxifying the body. It also moves lymph, a milky fluid, through a network of lymph nodes that destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxins, promoting overall wellness.

Enhance Your Lymphatic System with LET Therapy
Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET) is a unique approach that utilizes electronic instruments to improve circulation and restore lymphatic flow and function. Through the use of therapeutic tools, this therapy promotes healthy lymphatic tissue and immunity by employing the vibration of light and sound.

LET therapy involves placing glass Pyrex light bulbs (similar to thin Edison light bulbs) directly on the skin and moving them rhythmically across specific regions of the body. It’s a gentle detoxification therapy that can help you restore your lymphatic system, resulting in improved immunity and bodily function.

Opt for LET therapy today to encourage fluid circulation and management throughout your body’s lymphatic tissue.

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