Foot or Body Scrub

Great to slough off dead skin in bath or shower

Experiment with different kinds of sugar and salt. Coarser grinds of both will provide a rougher scrub for hands and feet. Finer grinds work better for the body.

Makes 2 containers, 4 oz each

  • 1 cup salt
  • 50 drops essential oils, a single scent or a blend of your choice
  • ½ cup olive or coconut oil


  1. Stir together the salt or sugar, oil and essential oils
  2. Scoop mixture into decorative jars or containers. Make sure you have a tight seal without any sugar on the rim – body scrubs are notorious for leaking.

Essential Oil Blends:

  • Calm Alert Blend

    • 26 drops of lavender
    • 16 drops of coriander
    • 8 drops of pink grapefruit

  • Invigorate Blend

    • 34 drops of lavender
    • 16 drops of peppermint

  • Relaxation Blend

    • 40 drops of lavender
    • 4 drops of sandalwood
    • 6 drops of ylang ylang

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