All Detox Diets Are Not Equal

Detox diets are trendy today. While each fad diet varies, typical characteristics are fasting followed by a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruits and water. Some detox diets also include colon cleansing and supplements. We’re constantly bombarded with novel detox diets and products in the media. Like most fad diets, there is little evidence that…

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Are Your Health Insurance Premiums Going Up?

At the beginning of every year our health insurance premiums tend to go up instead of down even if you don’t use your insurance. It is not uncommon for you to see a 24% increase in rates on an annual basis. Some employers create wellness programs in response to health insurance premiums increasing. Has your…

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The Dark Side Of Injury By Debra Muth, ND

Dr. Muth interviewed for US News & World Report, "5 Ways to Mitigate the Financial Downside of a Disability" Click here to read the full interview. (PDF)