June 15, 2020

You May Need Allergy Testing if You Have These Symptoms

If you're not sure whether or not allergy testing is right for you, Serenity Health Care Center is here to help. Our team puts the […]

If you're not sure whether or not allergy testing is right for you, Serenity Health Care Center is here to help. Our team puts the focus where it fully belongs: on full health and wellness as well as tried-and-true holistic methods that help the body to heal itself. Allergies pose a problem for a considerable segment of the population and can seriously hamper your quality of life.

Getting tested for allergies can be the difference between living a full life and one that is overshadowed by common allergy symptoms.

Do You Have These Symptoms?


Hives look a bit like blisters and can form on any part of your body as part of an allergic reaction. Often they are painless, but they can be itchy and appear rapidly out of nowhere. Hives are a very common symptom of allergic reactions. They generally go away themselves after a certain period of time.


Like hives, rashes are common side-effects of your body coming into contact with an allergen. Rashes are sometimes itchy and raised and other times are flush to the skin.


Food allergies often manifest themselves in mouth tingles, and you might find that your tongue or lips are itchy and feel funny after coming into contact with an offending food.


Allergic reactions can make parts of your body swell up. If you notice swelling, be on the lookout for shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or dizziness. These could be signs of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction that you must seek immediate medical care for.

Anaphylaxis Can Be Life-Threatening

Anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock, is a serious reaction to an allergen and requires medical care and often hospitalization. Your body is trying to fight off the allergen and shutting down in the process. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call emergency services right away:

  • Extreme dizziness or fading in and out of consciousness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat

People with severe allergies often carry around Epi-Pens to administer emergency care to themselves. Understanding how to use an Epi-Pen properly and understanding your allergies save lives, which is why it's essential that you get allergy testing.

Things That People Are Commonly Allergic To

Although you can be allergic to a whole host of different things, there are few elements that people are typically allergic to. Understanding your allergens and triggers will better equip you to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Many people have insect allergies, and most don't even know it until they have been stung. Common insect offenders include bees, hornets, and wasps, although you can be allergic to virtually any different type of stinging insect. Many people with insect allergies carry around Epi-Pens because they never know what the severity of their allergy may be.


Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who are allergic to our best friends in the animal kingdom; cats and dogs. If you get the sniffles around common household animals, you most likely have some kind of allergy. The good news is that there are hypoallergenic dogs and cats that allergic animal-lovers can adopt.


Shellfish, peanuts, milk, wheat, and soy are common foods that people are allergic to. The degree of the allergy will differ from person to person, but it can strengthen over time. That's why it's essential to understand if you have an allergy to any foods.

The Danger of Untreated Allergies

Untreated allergies can cause more than just discomfort. If left to their own devices, allergies can cause chronic problems like skin rashes, breathing difficulties, or other ailments. Additionally, some allergies can get worse as time goes on, making them much more dangerous in the long run. It's better to identify and deal with the allergy instead of brushing it under the rug. It will only exacerbate the situation and become more irritating and potentially harmful as time goes on.

Allergy Tests Are Easy, Quick, and Painless

A fifth of the population deals with allergies. They are, by far, one of the most significant chronic complaints in the country. Fortunately, testing is quick and painless and can usually be done in a matter of a few minutes. Our expert team at Serenity Health Care Center can test you for multiple allergens without taking up too much of your time or putting your body under undue stress. There is no downside to getting an allergy test, but they can improve your life in meaningful ways.

Once you are diagnosed with an allergy, you can start to treat it properly. Knowledge is half the battle. There are plenty of different medications that you can take to combat the allergy, and you can start to avoid encountering it. If your allergy is severe, you can get an Epi-Pen to prepare for the worst-case scenario of anaphylactic shock. Allergy tests can make your life far easier and more comfortable. In some cases, they might even be able to save it.

Natural Allergy Testing

Our expert team embraces the power of natural medicine and employs body-friendly testing as part of our care plan. We use a treatment called intradermal testing to thoroughly vet your body and find out precisely what is causing the allergic reaction. The test is virtually painless and merely requires a short and concise injection right below the first layer of the skin.

You will get your results within ten minutes. Unlike many other types of allergy tests, our version is exceptionally accurate and will give you a clear picture of your health right away. Since the treatment is so rapid, you will be able to get back to your life almost immediately after your appointment. Most people find the treatment to be nearly painless, and there is no recovery time needed whatsoever.

Personal Care and Consultation

We treat every single one of our patients with personal care and consultation. After the allergy testing is completed, we will sit down with you and deliver the results of your diagnosis. Most people develop allergic symptoms right away, but sometimes our patients have adverse effects to the allergens after they get home. If you experience any such symptoms, we encourage you to consult a member of our staff, and we can help you address the problem and adjust your diagnosis accordingly.

If you have any questions before, after, or during your appointment, we are here to help you. Our goal is to increase your quality of life and help you enjoy an allergy-free existence.

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life Today

With allergy testing, you can enjoy a better quality of life today. There's no reason why you should suffer from headaches, hives, or itchy skin. Learn more about your body's reactions and take control of your life now. You will wish that you had gotten your testing done sooner and be amazed by how much richer your life can be. Contact Serenity Health Care Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin today!

Article written by Dr. Debra Muth

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