Hormone Therapies

Our Milwaukee Alternative Medicine provides expert bioidentical hormone therapies.

Dr. Muth is a sought-after speaker for local and national conferences to educate other practitioners on bioidentical hormone therapy. It is important for each woman to be viewed and treated like an individual, even though menopausal symptoms are well known, including hot flashes, night sweats and the cessation of menses. There are many other symptoms that are not well known, however, such as lack of creativity, decreased motivation, decline in memory, anxiety, insomnia, and weight gain. These symptoms can be reduced with a combination of bioidentical hormones and nutritional support.

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What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical to those made in the human body. They have the exact same chemical structure as hormones produced by our body.

“Plant-derived” hormones are chemically processed from precursors found in yam or soy plants. This process is used to chemically create products into steroid hormones.

This may sound like a synthetic process, however, it is not. Progesterone DOES NOT exist in nature; we only have its precursor. So this process must be replaced in order for us to get progesterone.

Enjoy Dr Muth’s Video Seminar at MD Custom Rx recorded in Brookfield, Wi in June 2013 for more information on Bio-Identical Hormones and who might benefit from this treatment protocol.

Why Would You Supplement With Natural or Bioidentical Hormones?

The goal of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is to alleviate the symptoms caused by the natural decline in hormone production. Supplementing with bioidentical hormones can also assist in preventing and reversing disease states, such as osteoporosis. It can also assist with improving lipid profiles and reducing the risks of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Can I Expect When I Use Hormone Therapy?

Below is an example of what can typically be expected when you choose to use transdermal hormone therapy. This can vary greatly depending on various medical conditions.

Week 1: Patients will feel reduced insomnia and anxiety.
Week 2: Reduction of hot flashes, even with progesterone alone, and a reduction of vaginal symptoms.
Week 3: Increased energy and cognitive thinking.
Expect 80% relief in 6-8 weeks when all endocrine systems are addressed.

How Long Will I Need To Use Hormone Therapy For?

There are many theories and opinions on how long people should use hormone therapy. Some women choose to use hormones for a short period of time, meaning less than five years or until hot flashes resolve. Other women understand the benefits of long-term hormone therapy and continue to use it for a longer period of time as an anti-aging tool. This choice is ultimately up to each individual woman and only she should decide.

Why Not Use Synthetic Hormones?

Synthetic hormones are known as “patented,” “conventional” or “artificial.” They are produced from products that are usually not found in nature or at least not in humans. This is because natural sources cannot be patented. These substances are chemically altered from human hormones, but not identical in structure or activity to the natural hormones that they emulate.

The most commonly prescribed hormone replacement in the U.S. is Premarin. Premarin is a mixture of Equilin and equilenin, along with other additives that are synthetic. These additives and coatings may cause their own side effects, including burning in the urinary tract, allergies, joint aches and pains. Synthetic estrogens contain many forms of estrogen that do not fit into the estrogen receptors in your body.

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