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Our Hormone Supplements

Hormone Supplements

Patients at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee rely on the fact that our hormone supplements are produced from the safest raw materials at PCCA-accredited pharmacies. Our experienced hormone providers, Debra Muth ND and Amy Hoffman NP, work with each patient to determine which supplements will best address their health problems.

Our hormone supplements are created with pure raw materials

Our hormone supplements come from pharmaceutical-grade raw materials. Bioidentical hormones are created from natural sources like soy and yams. These plant sources possess molecules that can be converted in a lab into bioidentical hormones that have an identical molecular structure to hormones produced by the human body.

It’s important for patients to understand that not all hormone supplements are created equal. It begins with the raw materials. Our hormone supplements meet pharmaceutical-grade standards. Pharmaceutical-grade supplements must be 99% pure and contain no dyes, binders, fillers, excipients or other unknown substances.

PCCA-accredited pharmacies ensure quality

Bioidentical hormones are manufactured in compounding pharmacies. All of our hormone supplements are created in PCCA-accredited pharmacies. Since 1981, this organization has provided its member compounding pharmacies with training, high-quality chemicals and lab equipment. Our expert providers strive to ensure that our patients’ supplements will provide the most effective treatment.

Our providers know the best methods for administering hormone supplements

Some patients have come to our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee after having a bad experience with hormone supplement pellets. Pellets can cause side effects and are expensive. Our providers believe that pellets are not the best way to administer our hormone supplements. Instead, we prefer creams, gels, oral medications or the transdermal method.

The transdermal method delivers bioidentical hormones via a patch. This method is adjustable and inexpensive. Every person is unique, and our providers individualize treatment to ensure that the delivery method is exactly right.

Our hormone therapies help men and women improve their quality of life

Patients who receive hormone therapies with our hormone supplements may experience symptom relief as early as the first week of treatment. Each person’s response to therapy varies.

Bioidentical hormones can help relieve symptoms caused by menopause, PMS, male menopause and Low-T. Our providers also employ hormone therapies for anti-aging.

Women and men who need help with their health should contact us for an appointment. The knowledgeable providers at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee utilize our hormone supplements and therapies to improve people’s quality of life.

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