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Inflammatory Illnesses


Inflammatory Illnesses

Inflammation is the underlying cause of several illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, possibly cancer and inflammatory illnesses caused by biotoxins like toxic mold. Inflammation itself is not a bad thing. In fact, acute inflammation is the body’s normal response to an injury or illness. The body’s immune system employs inflammatory cells to fight bacteria and toxins.

The problem arises when the inflammatory response becomes chronic. The inflammatory cells can linger, causing problems such as plaque in the blood vessels or brain cells. The inflammatory response, which is meant to be short-term, begins working overtime when it becomes chronic, causing lingering symptoms and inflammatory illnesses.

People with inflammatory illnesses need to treat the underlying inflammation

People with allergies, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory illnesses often receive medical treatments from traditional medicine practitioners that ignore the underlying cause of a problem – inflammation. At our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, we don’t treat symptoms, we treat the whole person. We focus on treatments that help with inflammation.

Nutrition. Diet plays an important role in people with inflammatory illnesses. Our team tests patients for food sensitivities and helps create a personalized diet plan for each patient to address their needs and inflammation.

Supplements. At our functional medicine clinic, we believe in the power of high quality supplements, tailored to each person’s needs. Our practitioners have a unique understanding of the benefits of a myriad of herbs and supplements.

Alternative therapies. We offer alternative therapies that address inflammatory illnesses. For example, metabolic detoxification helps rid the body of toxins that may be causing inflammation.

Mold exposure causes inflammation

Toxic mold causes an immune-based response that involves inflammation of the blood and body tissues. Mold allergies and illnesses are often misdiagnosed or ignored by traditional medicine, but at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, patients can finally find relief. Our team is highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and difficult-to-treat chronic illnesses caused by exposure to mold.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is another underdiagnosed condition

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is one of the most under-recognized and underdiagnosed of all the inflammatory illnesses. This syndrome is a collection of symptoms and illnesses that occur when a person is exposed to biotoxins. Biotoxins may be inhaled, ingested or incurred from a tick or spider bite. Our functional medicine clinic has the tools to diagnose this complex syndrome.

Our team understands the complexities of inflammatory illnesses

Often, we see patients who have suffered from a vast array of symptoms for months or even years with no relief, primarily because the practitioners they have seen did not understand or look for inflammatory illnesses. This happens frequently when people have allergies, mold illnesses or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. If you are suffering and need answers, contact us for an appointment at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee. We’re experts at solving medical puzzles.

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