July 15, 2020

Is HCG Weight Loss Right for You? 5 Things to Know

If you're sick and tired of disliking what you see in the mirror, you may be the perfect candidate for HCG weight loss at Serenity […]

If you're sick and tired of disliking what you see in the mirror, you may be the perfect candidate for HCG weight loss at Serenity Health Care Center in Wisconsin.

Today, we reveal five things you need to know about this program to help you determine if it is the appropriate solution for your needs.

5 Things You Need to Know About the HCG Weight Loss Program

1. You Will Lose Weight Rapidly

Our HCG weight loss program is probably appropriate for your weight loss needs if you need or want to lose weight rapidly. Whether you're looking to mitigate your risk of life-threatening illnesses caused by obesity or you just want to fit comfortably into your favorite jeans again, this program will help you lose weight faster than you've ever lost weight in your life.

There are several reasons for this. However, the most significant driving factor of weight loss is the diet involves eating between 500 and 1,000 calories daily, depending on how quickly you want to lose weight. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average American woman burns between 1,600 and 2,400 calories daily, and the average American man burns between 2,000 and 3,000 calories daily.

hCG 1000 Calorie Diet

If you're an average American woman and burn 2,000 calories daily, but you only eat 500 calories daily, you will experience a net loss of 1,500 calories per day. To lose a pound of fat, you need to create a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories.
If you're achieving a net loss of 1,500 calories daily, you're achieving a weekly net loss of three pounds weekly.

If you want to eat 1,000 calories daily while on the HCG diet, you will achieve a daily fat loss of 2/7 of a pound and, subsequently, lose two pounds of fat weekly nearly effortlessly.

Keep in mind, it is perfectly safe for you to exercise on the HCG diet, so you can lose weight even faster without cutting too much food out of your diet.

2. Not All of the Initial Weight Loss Will Be Fat

We feel you must know that not all of the initial weight loss will come from burning excess adipose tissue for fuel. In fact, quite a lot of the initial weight loss will come from water loss. If you lose seven pounds in the first week, remember that for every gram of stored carbohydrates that your body burns for fuel, it also purges itself of two to three grams of water.

We also find it crucial to note that you will not lose muscle mass on this diet. There is a common misconception that if you eat fewer than 1,200 calories daily your body will catabolize healthy muscle mass. This isn't true. Your body only catabolizes dead or damaged muscle cells so they can be replaced with stronger, healthier muscle cells.

The Bottom Line

The only way to lose muscle mass on a diet is to cause your muscles to atrophy due to inactivity. In other words, if you maintain your daily routine of walking, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and working, your muscles will not atrophy.

It's also important to note that the water weight loss you experience may be permanent. Your body only stores glycogen when you eat more carbohydrates than you need for fuel. Once you've gone into ketosis, your body uses dietary and stored fat for fuel. You may find that you have so much energy and mental clarity on ketosis that you don't want to go back to the sluggishness and brain fog of significant carbohydrate consumption.

3. You Won't Feel Hunger

One of the most common reasons people fail at their diets is that they feel like they're starving. They ignore this sensation for as long as they can and then start to binge on quick carbs. As if the initial binge wasn't bad enough for their weight loss goals, quick carbs provide little-to-no satiety beyond physically filling the stomach.

This leads to more hunger, more attempted discipline, and more binges.

You don't have to worry about feeling hungry on the HCG diet. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is sometimes known as the pregnancy hormone because it is the hormone that is identified by pregnancy tests.

This hormone, among other functions, revs your overall metabolism, boosts your fat metabolism and helps to keep your hunger at bay.

4. It Is Divided Into Three Stages

The HCG diet is divided into three simple, yet effective, stages.

Phase 1 of hCG Diet

The first stage of the diet, also known as the loading phase, lasts for 48 hours and involves the administration of the HCG. We offer HCG supplementation in the form of injection. During this phase of the diet, you are encouraged to eat as much high-fat food as you want to while limiting carbohydrate consumption. This helps your body enter ketosis.

Phase 2 of hCG Diet

The second stage of the HCG diet, also known as the weight loss phase takes place over the course of three to six weeks. During this phase you will eat a significant amount of fat and protein to keep you full and focused while teaching your brain to listen to your body's hunger cues.

Phase 3 of hCG Diet

The third and final phase of the HCG diet lasts for six weeks and may lead to starting the first phase again.

5. You May Struggle a Little at First

Another important thing you have to know about the HCG diet is it may not be easy at first.

While you don't feel hunger, in part because you are put into ketosis, many people find it hard to resist the temptation to eat carbs, anyway. If you feel tempted to binge on carbs, go for a walk, drink some water, play a video game, or put together a puzzle. The temptation will wane.

One of the most exciting things about the HCG diet is that one of the effects of the HCG supplementation is that your hunger is quelled. Combined with the fact that ketosis also quells hunger and boosts mood, if you're truly ready to lose weight, you won't struggle too much on the diet. It becomes even easier once you see the progress you are making.

Helpful Tip

If you find your carbohydrate cravings are making you irritable, journal.
If you're considering HCG weight loss, you want to change your life. Pull out your journal or the Notes app on your phone and write about a time you felt happy, healthy, and strong.
If you can't remember what that feels like, journal about what you will do when you are happy, healthy,- and strong.

Discover How to Change Your Life for Good Today

If you're ready to make a permanent change in your eating habits, our HCG weight loss program can help. You will lose weight rapidly, you will not feel hunger and you will learn how to reshape your eating habits so you can maintain your lower weight for the rest of your life.

If this sounds like a program you could stick to, contact us now at Serenity Health Care Center in Waukesha, WI to schedule an appointment.

We will review your medical history and discuss your aesthetic goals to customize our HCG weight loss program to meet your needs most effectively.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Article written by Dr. Debra Muth

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