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Our Experienced Hormone Providers

Our experienced hormone providers administer hormone therapy

Patients at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee benefit from the expertise of our experienced hormone providers. These dedicated women work with patients to determine whether their hormones have declined and need to be supplemented. Once our practitioners complete the diagnostic process, they develop an individualized hormone therapy plan for each patient.

Our experienced hormone providers strive to improve patients’ health

When hormones decline, patients experience a variety of symptoms. They may suffer from menopausal issues, problems caused by low-T or conditions such as osteoporosis. Our hormone providers will design a program that provides patients with the bioidentical hormones their bodies need to get back to optimal health.

How bioidentical hormone therapy works

Several glands that secrete hormones make up the endocrine system. These hormones play vital roles in every bodily process, from sexual reproduction to digestion. When these hormones are unbalanced, it can cause a variety of problems that need to be diagnosed and treated. This is where the experienced hormone providers at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee come in.

Bioidentical hormones are plant-derived hormones that are molecularly identical and have the same chemical structure as the hormones produced by the body. Our providers believe that bioidentical hormones are superior to the synthetic hormones that are often used in traditional medicine because synthetic hormones are chemically altered and unlike your body’s hormones.

Meet our bioidentical hormone providers

Debra Muth ND and Amy Hoffman NP have the specialized knowledge to assess patients’ hormonal deficits and design a program of hormone therapy for each woman or man. Our experienced hormone providers have exemplary qualifications.

Debra Muth ND is a leader in the field of administering bioidentical hormones for healing the human body. She has specialized in hormone therapies since 1998. Dr. Muth has several credentials to her credit.

  • Naturopathic doctor (ND)
  • Board Certified Anti-Aging Specialist (BAAHP)
  • Lyme Literate Practitioner for Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease
  • Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP)

Dr. Muth founded Serenity Healthcare Center in 2011, and it has gone on to become one of the foremost integrative clinics.

Another of our experienced hormone providers is Amy Hoffman NP. She is a holistic practitioner and a board certified nurse practitioner. Amy has a Master of Science in nursing and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She believes in treating patients as whole people, not just a list of symptoms. She is dedicated to preventing age-related diseases and the onset of chronic disease by creating bioidentical hormone therapies for patients.

Patients who are looking for personalized, specialized care benefit from a visit to our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee to visit our hormone providers. Contact us for an appointment.

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