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Weight Loss to Maintain Muscle Mass

Weight Loss

There are many reasons why it is harder to lose body fat and increase muscle mass as we age

The primary reason is the lack of testosterone and imbalance of other anabolic steroid hormones.  It is true that increasing your testosterone level can produce more lean muscle, but it is not the only answer to this well-known aging problem.

Nutritional support is key when trying to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. It is my opinion that buying over the counter products that “claim” they will boost your testosterone level naturally is a complete waste of money.

Unlike muscle growth, researchers at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science did find that fluctuations of testosterone within the physiological normal range had significant effects on body fat percentage.

The higher the testosterone levels, the leaner subjects were. And conversely, the lower the testosterone levels, the fatter they were. When researcher’s decreased support and testosterone levels fell to 300 ng/dl they saw a 36% increase in body fat.

Certainly, there is more to increasing lean body mass than just using natural supplements or taking natural testosterone. It is important to have an appropriate individual training program in place as well.

If your weight or body mass index is higher than what you feel can be changed with reasonable diet and exercise, Serenity has dietary programs to help you reach your goal. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Debra Muth at 262-522-8640.

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