What Is A Brain Neurotransmitter Lab?

Serenity Health Care Center offers Brain Neurotransmitter testing at it’s functional medical clinic in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

  • Are you a busy woman who is loosing herself?
  • Struggling with insomnia?
  • Are you getting anxiety?
  • Are you forgetting things or do you feel like you have ADHD?
  • Are you depressed or just feel like you have lost your happiness in life?
  • Are you craving sweets, salts, and caffeine?
  • Do you have times that you feel like you could eat everything in sight but then could care a less about eating at all?
  • Are you wondering what has happened to your creativity, drive and desire to conquer your dreams?
  • Do you toss and turn all night?
  • Are you gaining weight despite following a clean diet?
  • Are you experiencing OCD symptoms and it is getting in the way of your daily routine?
  • Do you suffer from autism or neurogenic condition like Parkinson’s?
  • Do you have ADHD or a learning disability?

What Can A Brain Neurotransmitter Lab Do?

  • Neurotransmitter testing can identify the reason your symptoms are present.
  • By knowing what neurotransmitters are high or low natural or specific approaches can be implemented.
  • You can support the neuroendocrine system, which can prevent disease.

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