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What Is A Hormone Panel?

What Is A Hormone Panel?

Serenity Health Care Center offers hormone panels for anyone looking to learn more about their hormones and hormonal function.

Hormone testing is a great test for anyone to get a baseline before there are symptoms. This allows us to identify which hormone type you are.

  • Are you high estrogen? Body type as a pear shape.
  • Are you high testosterone? Body type as a box.

Being a driven, high-powered person who is burning the candle at both ends can initially bring energy and drive, but once you have been doing this for a while the opposite happens. You become burnt out, irritable, stressed out and lose vitality for life. Ultimately, bringing you unhappiness and a feeling of being lost.

  • Are you tired of being tired?
  • Are you tired of being irritable?
  • Are you tired of the weight gain around the mid-section?
  • Are you tired of not having the sex drive you want?
  • Are you tired of brain fog?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you are aging rapidly?
  • Are you achy?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • Do you have PMS?
  • Do you have joint pain?
  • Do you have irregular menstrual cycles?
  • Do you have migraines?
  • Do you have anxiety?

What Can A Hormone Panel Do?

  • Identifies your hormonal pattern and determines if you are living with too much or too little cortisol
  • Keeps you from guessing what your hormones are doing
  • Shows you how and what needs to be replaced
  • Allows you to monitor the aging process

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