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Weight Management


Weight Management

Achieve your health and weight loss goals

Our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee offers several tools to help patients with weight management. Weight management is more important than ever because the majority of Americans are overweight or obese. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 70.2% of men and women are overweight or obese in the United States.1

Every patient is unique. Our clinic offers a variety of services and testing that facilitate weight loss and better health.

Our weight loss programs aide in weight management

Our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee offers several organized weight loss programs that help patients with weight management.

  • HCG Weight Loss. Debra Muth ND was one of the first practitioners in Wisconsin to offer this quick weight loss program. The program has three phases. It starts with a calorie-restricted phase, moves to a less-restricted phase, and finishes with a maintenance phase to follow for life.
  • Transformations. Transformations is our newest addition for weight management. This plan began as a program for diabetic patients. When it worked so well for these patients, it transitioned into a plan to help anyone get healthy. Transformation focuses on a clean diet that helps stabilize blood sugar and reduce cholesterol levels.
  • The APO E Gene Diet. This plan is customized to suit your genetic blueprint. Apolipoprotein E, or ApoE, is a gene that determines how your body metabolizes cholesterol and other foods. ApoE determines whether a person has a risk of developing obesity, diabetes or other conditions. Every patient’s ApoE genetic profile tells our staff the best way to approach weight management.

No matter which weight loss program patients choose, they schedule one-on-one visits with our professional staff and receive personalized care.

Personalized care addresses issues that may be hindering weight loss

Every patient who comes to our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee for weight management receives individual attention, whether they are following one of our organized weight loss programs or seeing us for individualized weight loss. Our practitioners address several issues that may be hindering a patient’s ability to lose weight.

Alternative therapies can also help with weight loss. If a patient is an emotional eater, we may recommend hypnotherapy. If a patient is stress eating, we may suggest massage therapy to help with relaxation.

During weight management, the experienced and caring staff at our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee is with patients every step of the way. Contact us and get started on a journey to better health.


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