Four Areas to Cover with a Second Opinion

Our medical detective work provides you with an expert second opinion

If you’ve been searching for a valuable second opinion, as well as the answers to your medical problem, you need the medical detective work that our integrated medicine clinic near Milwaukee provides. Our health care professionals spend quality time with you, digging into your symptoms and health history to uncover the real root cause of your issue.

Our integrative approach makes our second opinion unique and valuable

Dr. Debra Muth has assembled an expert team of highly respected integrative health professionals from a variety of disciplines who apply multiple skill sets to your second opinion diagnosis. Our team is known for their skill as diagnosticians, often uncovering the source of problems that other professionals have missed for many years.

We take the time to truly listen to you, while asking questions that you may have never been asked before about your lifestyle, your home and work environment and your medical history. These questions go beyond the notes we receive from your previous medical doctors.

We tackle four critical issues that many health professionals ignore

When providing a second opinion, the traditional medical community doesn’t always consider problems like Lyme disease as an underlying cause of various medical problems. Our integrated medicine clinic near Milwaukee possesses unique knowledge about Lyme disease, toxic mold and the importance of investigating hormonal balances and underlying genetic issues.

Lyme Disease

People often get a tick bite without even knowing it. Lyme disease can cause symptoms that mimic many other medical conditions. Early on, you may experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, aches and pains and headaches. Left undiscovered, the disease progresses and causes changes in your heart rate, joint pain and other more serious health problems that can cause you to seek a second opinion.

Toxic Mold

Toxic mold creates illness by producing mycotoxins that can cause mold allergies and illnesses. Mold allergies cause annoying symptoms such as sneezing, congestion and watery eyes, but mold illnesses are more serious. Traditional health care providers often fail to investigate toxic mold when you come to them with respiratory problems, digestive problems, muscle pain and other issues.

Hormone Balancing

Hormones play a very important role in your overall health. Our team treats men and women, testing their hormones to discover deficiencies. Dr. Muth is nationally known for her expertise in bioidentical hormone treatment.


Often when providing a second opinion, the team at our integrated medicine clinic near Milwaukee performs genetic testing to identify anomalies in your genetic code that may be creating health issues, including the following: amino acid metabolism disorders; biotinidase deficiency disorders; fatty acid oxidation disorders; and more.

A second opinion from Serenity Health Care Center is never second best; in fact, for many people, it’s the answer they’ve been seeking for several years. Our second opinion team includes highly regarded providers.

Contact us for the finest in medical detective work.