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What Is A Food Sensitivities Lab?

What Is A Food Sensitivities Lab?

Food sensitivities occur in so many fashions. They can be delayed or immediate. Our immediate foods we recognize but is the delayed foods that are harder to identify.

Food sensitivities are often caused by something called “leaky gut”. Leaky gut is a term used when the tight junctions of the GI tract become compromised. This can happen for a variety of reasons including infection be it bacterial, parasitic, or viral. It is when these junctions become loose that food particles can move through and come in contact with the immune system. This can cause delayed food allergies to occur.  

  • Do you have bloating, constipation, and diarrhea?
  • Do you have irritable bowel disease?
  • Do you have fatigue, especially after you eat?
  • Do you crave certain foods?
  • What are your 5 most hated foods?
  • Do you have skin rashes or itching?
  • Do you have mood changes after you eat?
  • Do you have depression?
  • Do you have anxiety?
  • Do you have swelling?
  • Do you have frequent urination?
  • Do you have unexplained weight gain?
  • Do you have migraines or headaches?
  • Do you have autoimmune disease?

What Can A Food Sensitivities Lab Do?

  • Getting food sensitivity testing can finally give you the answers about what foods cause problems for you
  • Once you have food sensitivity testing done you will know which foods benefit or harm you
  • This gives us an idea of what is going on with your immune system

Dr. Muth interviewed for US News & World Report

Dr. Muth interviewed for US News & World Report, “5 Ways to Mitigate the Financial Downside of a Disability”
by Kimberly Palmer, May 13, 2015.

Whether you were injured on the job or fell ill, you can reduce the money stress your family will face. Read Dr. Muth’s recommendations to protect your family from experiencing the financial stress that the Muths did in the wake of a disability.

New Book “the Dark Side of Injury” Exposes the Corruption Behind Worker’s Compensation

New Book “the Dark Side of Injury” Exposes the Corruption Behind Worker’s Compensation, Health Insurance, and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

PALMYRA, WI–(Marketwired – February 18, 2015) – Dr. Debra Muth has worked in the medical industry for over twenty years and yet her husband became the victim of medical abuse. Dr. Muth feels “it is important to have tools to protect you and your family.”

There are roughly 3 million injured workers who reported injuries in 2013 and about 40% of those injured workers never claim benefits at all. OSHA states that worker injuries have direct costs of 1 Billon dollars a week, this does not include indirect costs for these workers.

Many people these days have stories to tell about the insults and injuries they have incurred from the medical and legal community. How many people have you heard talk about others getting rich from suing their doctors? Well it really isn’t that easy! Innocent people have had their lives changed forever because of work related injuries, medical malpractice and legal malpractice. It is important to learn how to navigate these systems to protect you and your family.

Americans are in an unusual situation these days; they are caught between being injured and trying to financially stay a float. Many are accusing them of being free loaders! They should support themselves accept their injuries by returning to work; their own doctors and our legal system have left them broke, injured and alone. How do you support yourself? How do you pay for medical expenses? How to stay functional in the world?

‘The Dark Side of Injury’, tells the tale of an injured worker in America, how the deception starts and ends. How their doctor, the legal system and their own family can cause injury and heartache. Dr. Muth feels it is important for you to know how to navigate these systems but more important is that “something good comes of a bad situation.” She shares how to stay financially and emotionally viable during these trying times.

You can purchase “The Dark Side of Injury” at, Serenity Health Care Center, and Henschel for $16.95.

About the Author
Dr. Debra Muth, ND, WHNP, APNP, BAAHP, MSNH, is a doctor who has literally healed herself. During her twenties, serious health problems began to interfere with her career she sought a new way of practicing medicine. In this book, she reveals what its like to be a medical practitioner unable to protect her husband from medical/legal injury when he was seriously injured on the job.

For more information about The Dark Side of Injury, please visit this page.

Congratulations to Dr. Debra Muth for her newly published book, “The Dark Side of Injury”!

Serenity Health Care Center would like to say congratulations to Dr. Debra Muth for her newly published book, “The Dark Side of Injury”.

Some of you are aware of the tragedy that her husband went through in 2006; her journey through the traditional medical system was unfortunate and left her husband disabled as a result. In her book she tells their story and gives tips for those dealing with the medical, legal and workman’s compensation system, so that others can navigate these systems. Dr. Debra Muth feels that this journey has made her a better provider.


Animal Planet Series …”Monsters Inside Me”

Dr. Greg Brown and Serenity HealthCare practitioners interviewed for Animal Planet Television show.

Air Date: December 18, 2014 @9:00PM

Segment: I Smell Like Death
Three healthy people with a love of the outdoors are struck down by a deadly menace that lurks inside them. In Ohio, a young boy wastes away in front of his parents’ eyes as a mysterious infection overtakes his body.

Holiday Stress Reduction Tips

The holiday season is here! Are you faced with office holiday potluck parties, family get-togethers and holiday meals? Research shows that the average adults gains weight during the holiday season, slow down their exercise regimen and of course, increase their stress level. What can you do?
Learn more… tips for beating holiday stress

Most people love the holidays but they can also be stressful. I personally love the holidays, the decorating, the shopping, and the party and meal planning. But it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. You have to have proven tips and ticks that keep your stress under control during this time. Follow some of Dr. Muth’s stress reliving holiday tips.

Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

1. Get enough sleep! It is important to remember that things will get done and staying up too late will only deplete your adrenal glands and this will set you behind later for a longer period of time. So plan for at least 7-8 hours of good sound sleep.

2. Mediation, I try to get this in several times a day when the stressors and demands on my time are high. You only need 3-5 minutes to deep breathe, listen to some relaxing music and close your eyes and let your mind take you somewhere else for a while. You can download free meditation music to your phone or laptop.

3. Exercise is important! Even if all you have time for is a quick walk around the block you can keep your body active and limber.

4. Hot baths, Epsom salts and lavender makes a wonderful bath. Soak for 10-15 minutes with some nice candles and low lights. Let your mind just drift away.

5. Get a massage, sometimes you can find holiday specials to treat yourself.

HCG Weight Loss Plan

Our Weight Management Program is What Milwaukee Relies on for Effective Long-Term Solutions

If you are committed to losing weight, our HCG diet plan is ideal for you. Be amazed and start to see real results in just under a month with our HCG for weight loss program. Average weight loss is 1/2-1 lb. a day. Our integrative health care approach to weight loss will help you obtain your goals in minimal time. Our method of integrative medicine in Waukesha has facilitated over 5 years of successful weight loss positively changing lives one patient at a time.

HCG was developed by Dr. Simeon’s, a Belgium physician who discovered this protocol many years ago. The HCG diet program is designed for patients wanting to lose a significant amount of weight. The weight loss program eliminates your abnormal body fat focusing on the most challenging and stubborn areas. Not only will you lose weight rapidly you will become educated with reliable weight loss solutions with our professionals guiding you along the way. With our HCG and our integrative healthcare plan, you will learn healthy eating habits, natural detoxification and receive a medical evaluation with any necessary follow-ups.

Professional Hcg Weight Loss Program

Our Waukesha healthcare center’s staff have been professionally trained with the HCG diet program to properly guide you on your weight loss journey. Unlike other weight loss programs in Milwaukee, our HCG diet ensures patients never feel hungry while maintaining balanced energy levels. Serenity Health Care Center offers customized weight plans which are designed for YOU. Weight loss plans may include nutritional supplement support while involving behavior modification. Our bariatric program includes evaluation of hormone levels, blood sugar and thyroid conditions. Unlike other weight loss clinics in Wisconsin, we look at all the possibilities which may cause weight gain. Serenity Health Care Center focuses on preventing your individual health problems which may result in your excess weight.

HCG can be successfully used by injection and sublingual administration. Our Waukesha alternative doctors have seen great results with both! Our trained and professional staff provides written information outlining exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and how to beat weight loss stagnation.

Serenity Health Care is now offering FREE HCG!
For a limited time, your initial HCG cost will be included in your first weight loss management appointment.

NOTE: * HCG can be used safely and effectively but should be managed by a medical professional who is knowledgeable about using HCG.

CALL 262-522-8640 Waukesha’s integrative healthcare center to start your HCG weight loss and wellness program today

Winner of Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award

Wisconsin Integrative medical center Serenity Health Care Center earns high praise from satisfied patients and wins the 2014 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award! Winner for two years in a row!

Serenity Health Care Center, Sc., has received a 4.5-star customer satisfaction rating, earning it the prestigious Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award in the Health & Medical — Health & Medical category for 2014.

The Talk of the Town Awards, presented by Talk of the Town News, Customer Care News magazine and Celebration Media U.S., honor companies and professionals that provide excellent customer service as reported by their customers through no-cost, user-review websites, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades. This data is analyzed by a team of researchers who calculate a company’s CM Power Rating. Only those that receive a 4-star to 5-star rating receive the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award.

Serenity Health Care Center, established by Debra Muth, WHNP, ND, BAAHP, MSNH, in 2011, provides the Waukesha area with integrative medical care, health and nutrition programs for the entire family, including functional medicine programs, anti-aging programs, weight loss programsnutritional supplements, chiropractic care, hypnosis, occupational therapy, massage therapy, specializes in autismthermal imagingallergy treatment, and bio-identical hormone therapy are just a few of the services this full service integrative medical center provides.

“Our goal is to listen to our patient’s needs and partner with them to create a individualized healing program that allows them to reach their health and wellness goals. We do this by treating the whole person. We strive to provide each person with the highest quality integrative medical care available in the spirit of loving, giving and serving,” says Dr. Muth, who has been a licensed Nurse Practitioner since 1996 and Naturopathic Doctor in 2003.

“We offer quality care from an experienced, caring staff,” says Dr. Muth. “Our mission is to provide a path to healing. Patients are not just a number at our office, they are family. We make them feel warm and welcome.”

Dr. Muth says that her staff was an integral part in winning the customer satisfaction award. “Our employees are extremely caring, compassionate and are dedicated to assisting people in healing,” she says. “When our patients step through our door they are treated like family.”

The practice is located in a beautiful state-of-the-art building with a full service lab facility and thermal imaging center. “Our integrative medical center utilizes the most advanced approaches to health care,” says Dr. Muth. “We consider creating health and wellness a priority that everyone engages in to create the quality life they want to live.”

Serenity Health Care Center is located at 1708 Paramount Court in Waukesha, WI. For more information about the practice and its services, hours and more, call 262-522-8640 or go online to You can follow the practice on Facebook under Serenity Health Care Center.

About the Award and Sponsors:

This is the fifth year Celebration Media, Talk of the Town News and Customer Care News have honored companies for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction with the Talk of the Town Awards. Businesses eligible to receive the award include, but are not limited to, beauty salons, spas, restaurants, bakeries, dentists, auto repair facilities, veterinarians, home repair and improvement contractors, florists, hospitals, and physicians.

For more information about the award or its sponsors, please contact Celebration Media and Talk of the Town News at 877-498-6405 or go online to

A Functional Medical Approach to Aging

Successful Aging

What defines successful aging?  It is different than anti-aging which refers to reversing the aging process. Successful aging is keeping the body as healthy as possible.  There are many ways to accomplish this, but there is no magic pill. With proper anti-aging approaches, your patients can feel and look 60 years old when they are 80.  These protocols require a commitment to lifestyle and dietary changes, and stress management in order to be successful.

Balancing successful aging

Life cannot be managed without proper balance.  The body needs balance, just as we balance our day. Patients primary concern is how tired they feel; this may be a direct result of hectic lifestyles.  Obviously, fatigue may be caused by physical reasons as well: viruses, bacterial infections, hormonal imbalance, and thyroid dysfunction, are just a few.  Learning to identify the root cause of patient symptoms and developing individual programs will restore balance to your patient’s lives.


For centuries, traditional medicine has believed that food is thy medicine.  One way to attain this goal is to consume organic foods as often as possible.  Consuming 50% organic food would significantly assist in the aging process.  Avoid processed foods as much as possible; this is key to rejuvenation.  Cook at home and eat whole foods at least 80% of the time.  Last, but certainly not least, it is most important to have FUN!  Laugh daily and enjoy life, doing what brings you pleasure. Learn to relax.


As practitioners, it is important you carry pharmaceutical grade supplements.   The quality of products we carry must be tested for ingredients and quality.  If using supplements to assist in successful aging, the products we use must be exactly what we need.  I carry Standard Process, a whole food supplement that assists the body in re-balancing, without depleting one nutrient while building another.  For some people, vitamins from whole food are not an option; therefore we offer the best of several alternative lines.  As with other protocols, the nutrients we use are specific to each individual and their conditions.  To learn more about Standard Process, visit:

If you are interested in implementing functional medicine into your practice and would like to learn more about preserving aging, attend one of our seminars.

Learn to restore the body completely and naturally. Listen to Dr. Muth’s free Teleseminar on Successful Aging.

Celiac Disease & Immune System

Research is now supporting evidence that there is a connection between viral infections, the immune system and the onset of gluten intolerance known as Celiac Disease.  A research project at the Academy of Finland’s Research Programme on Nutrition, food and Health (ELVIRA) has provided us with new information on the hereditary nature of gluten intolerance.

Dr. Muth read that they have identified genes that affect the immune system which causes an inflammatory response, which does not only affect the digestive tract. The genetic predisposition to celiac disease, with the major risk attributed to specific gene markers known as HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 in affected individuals.  HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 play an important part in the pathogenesis of celiac disease by binding to altered peptides derived from dietary gluten in wheat, barley, rye and oats.  Greater than 97% of celiac disease individuals have the DQ2 and/or DQ8 marker, compared to about 40% of the general population.

There are some genes that are linked with a human immune defense against viruses.  It is indicated that this virus may be connected in some way with the onset of gluten intolerance according to the Academy Research Fellow Paivi Saavaleainen, who has been conducting research on the hereditary risk factors.

Gluten Intolerance is an immune reaction!

Gluten intolerance is an autoimmune reaction in the small intestine however symptoms do not need to be limited to the digestive system.  Symptoms range from diarrhea, constipation, ADD, liver disease, cirrhosis, dermatological conditions, depression, and many more.

The genes that predispose people to gluten intolerance are widespread in the current population.  The data shows that roughly one in 133 people suffer from Celiac Disease, while one in four suffer from gluten intolerance in this country.

Gluten intolerance is an inherited predisposition, and nearly all sufferers carry the genes that play a key role in the onset of the disease.  Genes are directly handed down from both parents.  Genes can also be passed on by skipping a generation.  If patients are concerned about being gluten intolerant they can obtain genetic testing from EnteroLab to determine their genetic status.  People can posses the gene for Celiac Disease or wheat sensitivity.  Genes can be evaluated on entire families by swab the inside of the cheek.  If you suspect celiac disease or a person in your family has celiac disease it is essential to know if you carry the genes. You may be symptom-free, but still have celiac disease.  If you are not aware and continue to consume products that contain gluten this could have serious consequences if not treated.

Currently the only available treatment is following a strict gluten-free diet.  Gluten occurs naturally in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye.  Exposure to these grains causes damage to the intestinal villi, resulting in malabsorption of the basic nutrients from the foods they eat.  It can be expected to take a minimum of six months to become gluten-free from just the obvious sources of gluten.  Expect another six months to locate all the hidden sources of gluten in ones diet.  In order to obtain a completely gluten-free diet one can expect it to take from one to two years to completely eliminate gluten and heal the intestinal tract from the inflammation that has occurred.  Patients who continue to consume gluten during this time will have a longer recovery time because every exposure to gluten starts that inflammatory process all over again.

Celiac disease is on the rise and because it affects so many people you are sure to experience numerous patients in your practice with this disorder.  It is important to have a basic understanding of the disease and some of you may decide to become experts in this area.  Many disorders can be effectively managed by having patients follow a gluten-free diet.

It is important to work with the immune system which includes avoiding gluten as well as using immune building herbs.  Using Glutathione and SOD can help.  Learning if the immune system is stimulated or dominate with TH1 or TH2 makes all the difference in the world to assist in healing the immune system.

There are many resources that can assist you and your patients in teaching patients about becoming gluten-free.  A great resource is

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